Bruce Kulick!

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Apr 14, 2001
Saw Bruce again last night, his singer RULED! Same guy as last yaer and even better than I remembered, he sounds exactly like Paul (but more powerful!). He also looks kinda like Paul on steroids dressed up as Eric Adams from Manowar haha! Anyway, Bruce played 5 solo songs (2 instrumentals thank god coz he can't sing), and the rest all Kiss. Bruce sung his songs and the singer sung the Kiss songs (except the bassist did Domino).

The Kiss songs were:

Crazy Crazy Nights
Heaven's On Fire
Hell Or High Water
Hide Your Heart
Heart Of Chrome
Tough Love
I Walk Alone
Master And Slave
I Still Love You
Lick It Up
Tears Are Falling
Shout It Out Loud

Great show! And I got to meet him again and this time got my Smashes Thrashes & Hits record cover signed! :headbang:
I didn't go this time around. Any ide which solo tracks he played? (I love Audio Dog)
I'm pissed off coz I realised I should've got my Bruce Kulick Hot Licks video (which came courtesy of Wrathy a while ago!) signed!!!!

Solo tracks: Crazy (off the new one), an instrumental off the new one, the first instrumental track off Audio Dog, Change and something with Stranger in the title.

Wrathy: Yep he had heaps of copies of Transformer available. Probably the main reason he tours, to sell his CD at the shows because he's not on a label and you can only buy it directly from him.

Tonci: How good was the singer on I Still Love You?? WOW!
He was great! Hearing songs like Crazy crazy nights, hide your heart and tears are falling was worth the price alone! :D

Pity the turn out was really poor, only about 150 people turned up.

Oh yeah trent I saw your pic on a vinnie vincent tribute pic page haha! I clicked on it for fun thinking I wonder if that crazy cat Trent posted his pic up and low and behold he did! ;) I never realised Adrian wore a vvi t shirt in the 7th son booklet! Thats pretty cool :D
I'm dying to see the George Lynch instructional video, I don't know if its a Hot Licks or what but I want it coz he's my fave guitarist. And I'd kill to have Vinnie Vincent's "Metal Tech" instructional video too!

Tonci I didn't know he wore one either, I'm gonna look as soon as I get home!! (I'm at uni at the moment, I don't have the net at the moment coz I'm in between moving houses)

I wore my VVI shirt to a record fair last Sunday and also to Nightcrawler on Saturday night, I got so many comments from people! Hahaha! All good too, unlike when I wore the makeup at the concert lol.

I was listening to Crazy Nights last night and really noticed how awesome Bruce Kulick is on some of those songs! Killer album that one, like all the non-makeup Kiss hehe.
Troops, have you heard the Lynch/Pilson CD yet, or do you know if it's said to be any good?

Oh, and Crazy Nights is one of the great albums of the 80s. Not sure if I've mentioned that before.
Metal-Sludge gave it an ok review. I think I'll get it myself soon.
I like George Lynch, I like Jeff Pilson and I like the shit they did together with Dokken - so how could I go wrong?