Can anyone help me with this one?


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May 31, 2001
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Like most of you here I play in a band and am looking for ways to "spread the gospel"; however, I do not have my own Internet account, thus using an email account which limits the size of files I can attach and send.

Does anyone know any free email server (like yahoo, hotmail) where you can transfer at least 12 MB of data.

In this way I can send some of our songs around to people, most songs are around 10 MB in mp3-format.

We're called ARBOUR, and we're musically a mix of Opeth, In Flames, Iron Maiden, and old Paradise Lost. Or something.
Are you able to upload at all? If so, why not try for getting your music to the people?

I'm not sure exactly how it works, from the artist's point of view, being just a listener myself, but hopefully this will work for you...
a 10 MB file will take ages for most people to download on a standard modem connection (over an hour) - maybe you should make the files a bit smaller, then upload to something like, that way you'll get more listeners. forces the files to be 128kbit/joint stereo, so there isn't much choice there (although, they automatically create a 24kbit/sec LowFidelity version of the mp3).

I'm sure there are other sites that host your music, but for the death of me I can't remember a single one right now.

edit: see if is of any use.