I'm Ready to work on the synths!


Apr 26, 2001
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I just need the files I can record with. 7th Son and Clansman are one of them.....someone could send them to me?:p


is my present address but it will change into a PROPER account within month. So now you just have to bear with me and send the files in parts, 'coz hotmail only recieves that one freakin' MB at a time
7th Son is up on maidenmans myplay. I can still mail it to you if you like, but its probably faster if you can get it there.

I'll remix what I have of Clansman...I guess that got deleted somehow...and I'll mail.

Sorry. Last weeks events have really kinda taken the wind out of my sails in all areas...IMG included.
Yeah....that's true....

I can download 7th Son...I didn't know it was there?

Clansman would be nice!....

I'm trying to work out how to work with cooledit....maybe you guys have some tips?
I can truly involve in anything ( I'd love to do DejaVu and Blood Bros).

Only some time will be required for me to get on with that CoolEdit. I was so used to n-track but it refuses to work now on my computer.
But I'm waiting for the tracks and start playing them soon.
Wow..thanks Tormentor!

I had forgotten about Deja-Vu..I really wanted synths on that back when I was working on it..but nobody was around then... I'd still love to have synths.

I'll go ahead and post the karaoke/final verions of Deja-Vu on myplay tonight...although I am pretty sure you can get the karaoke version from Crossys maidendownunder site.

I still have the workspace for it..so I could remix the song in no time.

..and I'm still working on Clansman.
How the hell did you get those drum sounds on seventh son???!!!!

They are suberb. EVEN stereo!!....how many mics were used??

Where is Blood Brothers then?...I'm trying to download De jA Vu tonight.
Heh heh..you'll have to get the specifics from Maidenman. I know he went out and bought a drum mic kit...at least 4 separate mics..maybe more..and he also bought a mixer...and I believe he records it all to dat...brings it home to his PC and turns into a wav file.

I put both deja-vu karaoke and what I have of Clansman up on myplay as of 5 minutes ago. There is no blood brothers. You would be starting from scratch on that one.