Catacomb material

Sep 27, 2001

I was wondering if anyone has the first Catacomb demo in mp3 format? I have "the return of the ark", I can upload the mp3s and post the lyrics if you want? Btw. I have two copies of that one and can sell one of them if anyone's looking for it.
I've just a very bad recording of "Unreal" on a tape, sorry! Can't help you... yeah, would be cool if Novembre could re-record & release again the old stuff as Catacomb, maybe just like they did with their first album "Wish.../Dreams d'Azur".
Catacomb - Unreal - 91 Demo
01 - Intro - Tearing - Foreseen epitaph - Chrysanthemus
02 - Insect - Cemetery of the living ones - Outro ruins

is that the one? PM me if so.

id appreciate the lyrics to the return of the ark ep also.
Ok, here's the lyrics(music & lyrics by Carmelo):

A leaf that falls in autumn
Makes a deafening noise
For it's a whole life that falls with it

And I met lady rain
She sang like she never did before
For one hundred years more
And I listened to her infatuated
As I'd never heard her before
Together we escaped the cages of time
She used the tears of one thousand
generations to make her song an
immortal ode
Cry world for the sea is beating the
land for the sea is covering the land
Now drops are falling
Heavier and heavier... on me
They are shattering me They are stoning me
Because man's unhappiness
Kills me, as this song delights me
Cry son for your father is losing his war
For your father is losing his soul

Ossian compositions sad reflections
Gray observations apocalyptic realities
Here seated in this frozen ground
Staring at your image impressed in your
I'm wondering what you have found
there my dear human gone I'm asking
myself why you are there grievously
forever gone
And when you left us all in life's hands
The sky's clouds turned to black
The azure oceans and the mighty alps
Are still there to remember us
We are still separate We are still mortals
We are still nothing We are still lost

I'm uploading the mp3s now. I'll be posting them soon...
"In The Shade Of The Cypresses" from Catacomb can be listened on YouTube:

The sound quality isn't that great, but a certain "Novembre feel" is there :) I was really happy to find this track, I didn't listen to it before and there may be others who don't know it yet - that's why I'm posting it here.
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