Check this out

,,,where is the DragonLord version? He seems to be makeing ppl nervous. hahaha! Jokeing man,,just jokeing,,,or am I?HAHAHAhahaHA!
I see u have "the devil on your shoulder" there man. He is a pretty big guy dude,,that cant be good on your back. You should think about just haveing him follow behind you.
What is with all this talk about making others nervous? buh......

Yah, the devil is a pretty big dude, but I was thinking maybe if i shrunk him using my "Satan-shrink-o-matic 2001" that it would be better on my back. Thanks for reminding me. I was wondering why my spine kept on breaking out of my back tearing through muscle and skin when ever I sat down. hmmmm?????

By the way, there are all kinds of weird and messed up things like the Bin Laden game at

There are some pretty evil ones with Bin Laden. Like watching Bin Laden get it on the ass, which I chose not to watch. And there is one resembling good ol' Duck Hunt for the NES.
I think you should man. That cant feel good. Right through muscle and all ya say? OUCH! That has to smart. I hate it when that happens dude. HAA!