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Apr 14, 2001
Listen to this!!!!!

I was listening to Nitro before and rediscovered this AMAZING metal scream at the start of the song Machine Gunn Eddie! I timed it and it goes for 29 seconds.... and is possibly the highest metal scream I have heard in my whole life!

The singer is pretty much a King Diamond soundalike with the exact same sounding tone and attitude in his voice, but with a higher range and a better trained voice than King Diamond. (Before he was in bands he was just famous for his instructional singing video "Metal Power") This guy shattered glass on stage with nothing but his voice as part of Nitro's stage show!

I know that King Diamond style vocals aren't most people's cup of tea but there's no denying the vocal power of this guy!!! He's married to Lita Ford now and the funny thing is, she has a ballsier voice than he used to :lol: He sings death metal now though, what a waste of his talent.
Cleveland Plain Dealer, July '89

Nitro to explode on stage

by Jane Scott, Staff Writer

The Who used to break instruments on stage. Wendy O. Williams chain-sawed her guitar. Singer Jim Gillette of the Pheonix band Nitro will shatter a crystal glass tonight at Peabody's DownUnder.

"That's right. I'll reach a certain high note and a glass goblet will break," said Gillette. "Before I do it, I tap the glass to detect the right tone. I'll have the glass on a little table. You'll see it shake, and then it will shatter. I have to get just the right resonance to crack it."

He seems to get the right tone in the midst of a 32-second scream. You might think that a thin goblet would be easier to break, but a thick one is needed, he said.

It turns out that Gillette, 6 foot 1, may be the only former high school boxer and wrestler who hits high D onstage. "I've got this wide range, six octaves," he said. "My voice isn't a falsetto, though, more of a soprano...but I can get down to low bass, too."

Nitro, a quartet, considers itself the world's loudest heavy metal band. In fact, here's a warning: Don't leave home without earplugs.

How loud is Nitro? "I'd say it's like being strapped onto a jet plane right by the motor," said Gillette. "We're over 140 decibels from 10 feet away."

The Environmental Protection Agency lists a jet engine sound as 140 decibels. Other EPA comparisons: a diesel truck, 80 decibels; lawn mower, 100 decibles; the average amplified rock concert, 120 decibels.

The EPA also says that every 10-decibel increase is perceived as a doubling of loudness.
Nitro stuff is VERY hard to find. I have O.F.R. (Out Fuckin' Rageous) on vinyl. Their 2nd album is one of the hardest to find metal albums of all time I think. (Radical Records sell burnt copies for $20 each!!! That's how rare it is! Nobody can find originals and even the mp3s are rare)

Half the songs are glam and the other half (like Machine Gunn Eddie) sound like a glam band playing thrash. Michael Angelo is also one of the world's fastest guitarists ever. He isn't afraid to show it either on this album. And the mighty Bobby Rock is on drums, another amazing musician. All star lineup! It doesn't gel in some of the songs though, and there is just too much showing off going on at a time sometimes that it's all a little overbearing and takes quite a few listens until the songs start to stick and the solos make sense, etc.