Complete Songs (Mixing Practice)

that track that was here a few months ago "darker shade of green" was a great track to mix - midi drums, di's, reamps, real drums, lots of vocal tracks etc - i dont know where the files are now though
i'll take a look tomorrow on my other 2 computers to see if i still have the session files. but i didn't download all of them, i think i only grabbed 1 set of reamps and i dont know if i took the midi data

anyway i'll look tomorrow and if i have them i'll upload them
I gave it a try on mixing strange face's song too... listen carefully if possible... i've never shared a mix of mine with people that know stuff about mixing, so your feedback on this one will do more than enough for me in order to improve my mixing texhnique.. Thanks in advanse :wave:
Here's my crack at it - i have yet to automate effects & things but you'll get my drift. Very well tracked & good to practice with, not my usual metal tinkering but good stuff none the less.