Cradle of Filth - Nymphetamine


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Jul 5, 2003
Cradle of Filth – Nymphetamine
Roadrunner Records – September 28th, 2004
By Jason Jordan


Damnation and a Day, Cradle of Filth’s last effort, was pretty good, although the frequent interludes were overly distracting, and a few tracks were noticeably dull. Nymphetamine capitalizes on the strong points we witnessed on their last release; also, the band display a new sense of creativity, which is conveyed through select tracks on this album.

“Satyriasis” is the requisite, epic Cradle of Filth introduction. Then, “Gilded Cunt” masterfully takes the reins as the listener is continually pummeled with wavy rhythms and pseudo-thrash verses. “Nemesis” features powerful riffing and spiraling guitar leads. It’s too bad that the beginning twenty-seconds of the song are utterly boring, which might dissuade individuals from listening further. “Gabrielle” is interesting due to the eerie keyboard melodies that permeate and radiate throughout the track. “Absinthe with Faust” is a somber composition; parts of the aforementioned are overwhelmingly mean (1:00 minute mark and beyond). “Nymphetamine (Overdose)” is touted as the “blistering title track,” but I found it rather docile – it’s almost as if it’s an amalgamation of the lesser compelling elements from tracks one through five. “Medusa and Hemlock” is a gripping piece with its captivating riffs and vocal strains, the latter of which is provided by Dani Filth. The mid-section conjures panicky feelings and the chanting further enhances the depiction. “Coffin Fodder” and “English Fire” are arguably of little importance. Notable, though, is the finely crafted “Filthy Little Secret.” The remainder of Nymphetamine is enjoyable enough, but far from groundbreaking.

The signature Cradle of Filth sound definitely comes to play on this record, and most of you know what that sound is like. If you’ve delved into any albums from this band’s catalog, then you’ll probably fancy elements of this. I would comfortably label Nymphetamine as the group’s best release since 2000’s Midian.


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has dani becoming a chunky fat-ass caused him to be more furious? i think so....
sasha said:
has dani becoming a chunky fat-ass caused him to be more furious? i think so....

is he still chunky??? im seeing them nov 11 on the HHB tour. I persoanlly thought the album was very good, but I have to admit with a review I saw not to long ago. When Damnation and a Day came out it was praised and little to none negative reviews did it recieve. But now that Nymphetamine has come out (if you havent already bought this album you need too) everyone seems to bash Damnation and a Day. I think both albums are different (which is good cause i get tired of hearing a bands sound because it just grows stagnant) and both a very well done.