Critique my mix! Revision, Revised


Aug 20, 2012
Hey guys, haven't posted a mix in probably over a year. I need a lot of critique as I think I've hit a brick wall in mixing. I know it needs more clarity, but any more tips are more than welcome.

This is a band my friends made about a year ago and they've really made progress. Recorded a few demos and they just got done recording with the man Sturgis today. If they don't get signed, they're going to be needing someone for a full length so I really need to step up my game.

Pay no attention to my mastering skills lol
Started mixing on shitty headphones and now I have KRKs Ive been mixing on, still getting use to them
First drum fill sounds too boxy and unnatural. Too much 400hz. Are those real drums with triggers or just programmed ones? The whole mix needs more that "diamond" hi. Boost above 8k maybe. Vocals sound very good. For mastering I would just compress and limit this more. This kind of music needs that in your face sound with little dynamics. It would be nice if you would give tips to my mix:
I know my toms definitely need some more work. The drums are steven slate with some processing.
Vocal wise, thanks man!
Left some feedback..Mix sounds good though