Cynic/The Ocean (Dec 15 2008) Concert Review

Sounds great. I wish their tour with Dragonforce would be coming to Atlanta. But no luck. I wonder how that one will go down...
(And if you find such statements absurd... eat shit, fuck off, die, or do whatever it is you do when you're not around me. I really don't care. There are things important to me, and things that are not. Music that moves me is important. People having a problem with music that moves me are not. Cynic is that good. Are you?)

I don't understand the use of such broad damnations. I mean, I understand where they come from and I feel the impulse towards them too, sometimes. But it really doesn't help anything to be confronted with such an alienating shove outside of the text for really, no reason. I can see why people like Cynic, especially if they come to know them early in their HM journey. I personally don't like Cynic a lot because they tried to do a couple of things that though perhaps might once work together decently, they couldn't do it. I won't eat shit, fuck off or die, sorry. And I think you do care what people that aren't exactly of the same tastes as you think about your work and ambition. We've e-mailed back and forth for some time and I think it was of merit although we have wildly different tastes in some cases. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has that experience.

The frightening thing is the last line "Cynic are that good, are you?". Works of art shouldn't have to compare to human beings, I can't even tell what that would entail. A single human being is richer and more faceted an experience than any cd you put in your stero, surely. Whether you consider it worth it to put the effort in uncovering the facets of a person or not is a different story, but Cynic have nothing to do with that. I felt a disgust there, as the theoretical reader that doesn't agree with you, having to be preemptively discarded in favor of something I was never in competition with. To wrestle with... what... Cynic?! for your attention, which I never directly requested while reading the text, either. It's not only like a girl you don't think is attractive coming up to you and telling you cold in the street "I'll never sleep with you!" but also letting you know she'd rather spend time with her plants instead because they're so much better than you.

What do you think you gain by segregating your readers in the two categories "Those that like Cynic" and "Losers that should get lost?"?

Really unsettling segment in an otherwise interesting live report.
A single human being is richer and more faceted an experience than any cd you put in your stero, surely.

This has not been my experience. Or should I say, I do find that most people are an active drain on me emotionally and physically, so the richness and many facets of those people are just negative influences. There are of course exceptions, but the feeling I get when dealing with certain works of art greatly overshadow any positive feelings I get from dealing with people. Focus has been there for fifteen years, and it's there whenever I want to listen to it and it doesn't complain when it sits on the shelf while I'm dealing with other things. I once wrote something to the effect that good music is better than people and I really can't see where that's incorrect.

And yeah, the part you quoted is pretty nutty, and I did recognize that after I finished writing the piece. But when I was writing, I was in that weird 'zone' I get into, and while I did rearrange and 'pretty up' some of the other bits, I left that in there because editing out the more primal emotional outbursts that find their way into my writing would just be suppressing the very impulses that I write in order to release in the first place. It's exhilarating to get into the frame of mind where a thought like that occurs. It's a weird line but I gave up worrying where it is and how I should deal with it a long time ago, but it shouldn't be taken literally.

Still, an ear exam may be in order. :D
Dude mine are MOLTEN STEEL FASHIONED INTO EARS. I know what I like and I have my reasons. If we ever meet up, I'll have you see that there are good people that don't particularly care about Cynic, over a few beers. Variety is the variety in life. Come to Greece once.

Real live human people are often disappointing but I find this has more to do with what you expect of them than them being inherently shallow. Without reaching too deep in the pop psychoanalysis bag I'll just say that your experience with music you love as compared with people that might deject you and hurt you, whereas an essential aspect of who you are (and it shows in your writing for sure), are not fundamental truths about humanity on the whole. You might meet people in the future where your emotional investment will pay off (for far more than 15 years) or you might not. Don't strike the possibility out. That's what rubbed be wrong about the quote. Not that you've been disappointed or hurt by people but that you'd go as far as to set up this puerile bulwark made of Cynic to protect yourself from ALL HUMAN BEINGS TO COME THAT DON'T LIKE THAT PARTICULAR RECORD. Scary.

But yes, I agree you shouldn't pretty up these emotional outbursts and they're very important in honest writing. Just like you had to put that in there, I had to provide alter apars, though.