D20 - Tweedly D


May 19, 2008
I sat down today with no intention of writing something, but i kinda did i guess haha! This is definitely a work in progress, but not bad for an hour or so. Drums are all Avatar library. This kick is replaced a bit by a sample. Guitars are a Soldono model in my Axe Fx using Recabinet 2.0's 1960 cab with an SM57 6L6 cap grill. Bass is one track with my Spector and my Axe Fx. Ampeg model.

Hope you all enjoy!!! The song is called Tweedly D

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1046513/Tweedly D.mp3

Newer mix here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1046513/Tweedly D New Mix.mp3
kick is almost too brootal (is this possible?) and the cymbals are a tad loud, but guitar tone rules, tight playing ftw!
It sounds like there are some Disturbed influences behind this. Nice, not a fan of the kick (too upfront and "metal", if that's possible...), but apart from that, pretty tight.