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Apr 29, 2001
Solitary Refinement
Anyone here into Dan Swanö's project "Nightingale"? The debut CD "The Breathing Shadow" is fucking GREAT. Very moody gothic rock with Dan's wonderful clean vocals. Really got an incredible vibe through most of the album. The first track is especially incredible, real Katatonia vibes.. I highly recommend this first album. I didn't find the later albums to my liking, but then again I didn't give them a big chance either..
I'm actually a big fan of Nightingale... I have all three records. The first one is very very cool, yes, but I actually prefer the prog/pop/rock vibes on the second one. "Revival" is a really cool rock song and I actually really like "Steal the Moon". It's a happy-sounding, which really stands out amongst all of Swano's stuff. It's cool. The third one is much like the second although a little less cheesy-prog sounding (hard to describe what I mean by that exactly, but...) and "Scarred for Life", "Still in the Dark", "Alonley", "I Return" are all great. I really hope he continues with this project for a fourth.
I like Nightingale. The Breathing Shadow remains much better than The Closing Chronicles (If I remember the name correctly. I don't own the records, I just had them loaned for about 6 months :rolleyes: )

CC is almost like progressive pop, or something, but BS can be said to be gothrock. I usually hate gothic stuff, because most times it's amateur bullshit. Goths write music just for the edgarallanpoeness of it. You know. As long as it's gothic, it doesn't matter how it sounds. Clowns.

Well oops. Anyways, though The Breathing Shadow is gothic, I love it. The melodies, the riffs, Dan's magnetic voice, everything. Well, except the machine drums :D

Gypsy eyes is my favourite. Shame on HIM. I can't stop wondering why these swedish poporchestras like Nightingale or Katatonia don't attract the mainstream audience.
Yeah their latest album "I" is much better than "The Closing Chronicles", except it is still EXTREMELY prog influenced. Actually, it's not prog influenced - it IS a prog album. Some songs on "I" are really incredible (a good number of them actually), but a couple sound like the Paul Shaffer (Dave Letterman band hahaha) - actually, only one really reminds me of this. :). Anyways, I still prefer "The Breathing Shadow" for its consistent mood and unbelievable floating guitar lines (tho I admit, the drum machine could go) -- but "I" is definitely worth checking out.
As far as I know from the Blackwater Park's clean vocals, Dan Swanö sounds really cool.. It was perfect to listen him with Mikael.. So you can be right.. Where is the album ?!
hey Dark-Lard:
Dan Swano's last metal project was Deaths Design!!
Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree does some of the
clean vocals on Blackwater Park.

and don't expect Nightingale to sound like Moontower.
by the sounds of your tastes, you would proclaim
this album gay. (which happens to be fucken great)!!
and i would love to read everyone's comments towards
you... if you proclaim the mighty genius Swano a fag.
Oh Sorry.. I got messed up about the Porcupine Tree.. Sorry again.. I would tell about the ' Crimson ' project, last night I was a bit too flying.. Crimson is very well done and I found Swanö very succesful there, I would like to know more about this ' Nightingale '..

And to nogszerozero :) You don't know my music taste, and I don't proclaim anybody gay..

And we have a point out there, I also like reading comments towards myself :)
U guys should other Swano's project named .... (u will laugh:) ....Dan Swano and his CD named MoonTower. 10x times better even than first NG's disk. Its Dark metal with death/clear vocal with oldest keys (something like '70ish stuff). I think its the best Swano's release for sure (IMHO)