Death in the Forest Metal Festival Planning

If anyone has ideas towards making the festival better, please feel free to email TJ at deathintheforest@hotmail hes taking care of getting the signed bands and working through all of the booking agents, im(matt) am doing the local/non-major label bands. and TJ hasnt been freaquenting the forums and were allways up for input and ideas from anyone.

-Matt's there an alternative plan if this fest runs into bad weather? Like at a club, or another rain date or something like that? I don't know how it is in NY, but here spring brings a whooooole lot of rain...

Also, exactly what type of stage set up are we looking at? Is there going to be a rental back line for all the bands to use, or do we need to bring our own stuff?
i think a Death in the Forest shirt would be really really cool... arrange it like an OzzFest shirt. have the 1st and 2nd stage bands in their respective column with their logo on it, date, location.... dunno, just a thought!
what question was that.. I'll go back and check. by the way - it sounds like Black Harvest wants to play - they are trying to get a drummer and bassist - either perm or just for the show. Kishor isn't online yet.. soon! but i have his #
to answer withersolus questions, there will be 2 stages 50ft long 20ft depth, were working on the backline for bands to use, and the venue that we are in the works with has a large indoor area also, the idea of doing the show on the sunday(the day after) as a rain day is still in the process where we will have to find out from the headliners if that can be added into their contracts
Were working on a back line, as of now we have 8cabs, and an ok quaility drumset for stage 2, bcrich and custom amps are in the process of determining what they are going to send us as their sponsorship of the event
Is there a hotel nearby where all the bands can stay at? It'd be cool if there is we can have one massive metal floor party... Not to mention, it'd be good to get reservations now...
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