Death in the Forest Metal Festival Planning

would it be worth it to suggest (this would be directed to Nephillim), possibly looking into hotels FURTHER away from the venue, for bands and stuff, that way fans and people going to the fest, etc. can have lodging closer to the spot? or did you already think of that?
what??? pussies!! I'm surrounded!! I'm drowning!! Don't you want people to bust their ass just to SEE the show?? if we reserve hotels AWAY from the venue, that's just an extra selling point that the promoters can advertise: "PLENTY OF LODGING CLOSE TO THE VENUE :-D!". If we take up all the lodging close to the venue, everyone attending will have to travel that much more :-/
so it looks like:

3pm Withersoul (inside stage)
3:30 TGER (outside stage)
5:30 Calmsite (inside stage)

Anal Cunt is setting up right after Withersoul on that stage..that's going to be hilarious!!!!