Death - Zombie Ritual - Full Band Studio Cover Video on Youtube


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Oct 4, 2015
We started a Death tribute / cover band last year and just published our first cover video. Initially this band was just about jamming the 90s Death songs for fun, but we decided to take things further by making videos and also including the old school stuff in our repertoire. We are one member short of our desired line-up so we're not planning on doing any gigs yet, but will continue with the videos if people like them and would like to see more.

We would like to get feedback on what's good about this video and what could be improved. Here are some points that have been brought up so far:
-The guitar sound is a bit sterile / digital -> we used line 6 amps and took the sound directly from the mixer for the first video. Will try to use a mic'd Marshall tube amp in the future
-Guitars could be louder in the mix
-Some drummers do not like the snare sound so we're gonna try something different with the next video

Here's the link to the video:

We also published a drum tutorial on one of Gene Hoglan's awesome grooves from the song Zero Tolerance and would like to do guitar tutorials as well - would be cool to know if people think that this kind of content is also interesting on our Death related channel or if they should be published separately on other channels.

Here's the link to the tutorial video:

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