Deicide/Marduk/Gorguts/Withered Earth


Not blessed, or merciful
Apr 11, 2001
Sarf Lundin, Innit
Deicide/Marduk/Gorguts/Withered Earth
May 9, The Troubador, Hollywood, CA
By Rodrigo

This was a show that I was looking for in attending because of the opportunity to see Marduk. This tour marked the first time they were touring the US and it was a show that could not be missed. I arrived early and to the disappointment of many people the show was sold out. It appeared that many people thought it wasn’t going to be sold out and they showed up that night at the box office. Counting my good fortunes I went in and soon the first band was playing.

Withered Earth replaced All Out War at the very last minute for this tour and I am glad to have seen them. Their style is brutal death metal and they gave a very energetic performance. Afterwards I was able to talk to one of the band members at their merchandise section, at this point I am sorry to say that I can’t remember what his name was but I believe it was the drummer. Anyway, he was a very approachable person and down to earth. The 3 piece Gorguts was next and while a lot of people were excited to see them, I really wasn’t. They also play death metal but their music just didn’t interest me at all.

Finally, it was time for Marduk to play and the anticipation to seeing them live was agonizing. They finally got up on the stage and after a short delay with fixing the guitar they were finally able to start playing. All I can say is that they were excellent despite that Legion’s vocals were not that great. His singing just didn’t sound as good as in the albums. Fredrick was an animal in the drums and he didn’t miss a beat. I was very impressed with him. They didn’t play for that long but they did manage to play a lot of great songs including 2 from their latest album La Grande Danse Macabre which were "Azrael" and "Jesus Christ Sodomized", Legion would place the microphone into the crowd during the screaming of Sodomized. Other songs they played included "Fuck Me Jesus", "Baptism by Fire", "Slay the Nazarene" and "Summon the Darkness". Throughout their entire show the band would be head banging along and just being very energized. The crowd was totally into them and many sang along with Legion. After their show they hung out at the bar and I was able to meet them all and talk to each one of them for a while. I just couldn’t believe how easy going and friendly they are. The one good bit of information I got was that they were hoping to come back and tour the US again because they were very excited and happy to be finally touring in the States. The entire band ended up signing the booklet of the "Infernal Eternal" CD. This whole scene was funny because there were so many people asking the band to sign their memorabilia and many were borrowing the same pen.

So by spending time talking with Marduk I missed the entire set by Deicide. This was not that big of a deal for me because I have never liked them and I was not intending to see them live. While at the bar, the only member of Marduk who wasn’t there was Fredrik who did watch Deicide play. After Deicide ended, he came to where the rest of the band was and he immediately got hounded by autograph requests by everyone since he was the last member sign everyone’s memorabilia. He didn’t appear to be in a great mood but he signed away and not complaining at all. Hopefully, Marduk will be able to make it back to the US for another tour because they are worth seeing live.
marduk have replaced legion with angela gossow!!!!!!!!!!!the arch enemy singer has split with long time lover mike amott and has been humping b.war!