Weedeater, Stinking Lizaveta, etc. London Underworld. 23 Mar 2008


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Apr 21, 2003
Road to Ruin Spring 2008 Sideshow Fair ( Weedeater, Stinking Lizaveta, and more!)

This evening in London was quite odd. I walk into the venue, and I see circus things and freaks all over.The bearded woman even showed up. There were ‘psychic’ readings set up at some of the sides, there were also flyers, incense, and other circusy things spread throughout the venue.

The first band to play was Bomb the Sun, who put on a solid show. They played Sabbathy rock, and usually took those ideas and jammed on them for a while. The set was short and great, but later on the bassist gave me a free CD ( :kickass: ).

The second band was Pombira, who played more a sludgy doom style of metal. Their show was plagued by a broken string and drawn out passages that didn’t seem to go anywhere. They were heavy and half way enjoyable for an opening band.

The next band I saw was Jecano, who played some rocking Deep Purple esque metal. It was very enjoyable, and again the set was a bit too short. They put on quite an energetic show that entertained me, even though I don’t know any of their material.

The next band was Stinking Lizaveta, or shall I say, Stinking Fucking Lizaveta. They were easily the highlight of the night with their jazz infused rock/metal. They came out with their incredibly energetic songs played with loads of passion. The drummer and upright bassist were into the music and were headbanging as much as possible. The best part, however, was the guitarist; when he’d be jumping up and down, playing his riffs, screaming into the pick ups, and singing his guitar parts into the microphone, you can’t help bang you head. This was easily one of the best shows I’ve seen. The band only played a few songs I knew, but this didn’t stop from me headbanging and air-guitaring through the entire set. Fucking brilliant set.

The last band was Weedeater, and they played some incredibly heavy sludgy doom metal. They were down tuned and playing heavy, catchy riffs. The weird circus ‘freaks’ made their way up on the stage headbanging with the guitarist. The highlight of their set was when the singer from Orange Goblin getting up on stange and helping out on vocals. This was entertaining, yet didn’t ruin the song. Weedeater was loud, heavy, drunk, heavy, fun, and heavy. Great set for a band I don’t listen to very often.

All around it was a good evening with some great bands and STINKING LIZAVETA kicking ass.