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Sep 12, 2007
We are currently uploading all our of titles available for digital sale to BANDCAMP. If you are unfamiliar with Bandcamp it’s pretty simple.

1) They accept payment via Paypal
2) They offer HIGH QUALITY and LOSSLESS downloads.

So it’s a win-win for all of us. iTunes sucks and we are fighting back. Please pick up any digital titles via Bandcamp, we will love you eternally.

Again, we have two labels worth of titles (nearly 150 releases) to upload so please be patient with us. If you have a specific title you are wanting to download (that has no audio posted yet) please email us and we can try and move it higher in the upload order. Please feel free to check out the page HERE.

I do know most of you on the forum want to buy the CDs and we appreciate that, but for those of you who don't and still want decent quality audio files use Bandcamp. PLEASE TELL YOUR DIGITALLY DOMINATED FRIENDS!!!
Bandcamp is a great resource for finding new bands or just previewing albums in their entirety if made available. Good luck and hopefully your audience expands with the exposure the site offers :D
All current and back catalog titles are available for streaming and downloading via Bandcamp. the missing albums are either new releases or titles I do not have digital rights for.
Certainly a good alternative to using itunes, which I personally despise:puke:. Sometimes before buying a disc, I'll preview a DB album by downloading it from emusic, if available. BUT, the quality of the files distributed by emusic...er, I don't know...Something gets lost in translation. I've gotten files from them that were actually transcoded!

So, thumbs up on the BC venture, from me. And I dig that you have a choice of file size, and type. Of course, I'll always buy the CD's. Except maybe that Slammer reissue, I'm not sure if that's good enough to buy the actual disc, haha!
Seems to be going pretty well so far. Had several things sell. I really do hope to take as much business away from iTunes. I would rather people who prefer buying downloads get at least 320 bit rate.
Bandcamp is a fantastic resource for discovering new bands or simply previewing complete albums if they are made accessible. Good success, and maybe your audience grows as a result of the exposure provided by the site:D