does anyone remember .."HEAVY METAL?"........


Jul 5, 2007
East coast ,USA
Hey people, just wanted to introduce myself formaly.
Im 36/37 years old, grew up on what is now considered
"old school" heavy metal, hard rock and everything between and beyond.

Im being honest when i say i withdrew from the metal "scene " many many years ago, so i have lost touch with some realities and some of the modern nuances of what "heavy metal" has evolved into.
all the subgenres and shit are just to confusing and usually no one ever agrees on what is what nowadays.

i say .."if its good...then its good". end of question.:headbang:
i let my EARS decide what i like to listen to ...not my eyes.

as far as still old school,humerous..tho a bit sarcastic:rolleyes: ,open to interesting and subjective forum conversations.
I write and record some of my own music as a hobby, nothin serious but it is fun and gratifying to do so.
My "metal" projects go by the group name 1TON.

Glad to be here.:zombie:
Hey its good to stay in touch with your roots! I too like alot of the musical aspects of the 80's and 90's bands.And the oldschool moshing is much better than that spastic windmill shit.
Good to have you.
thanks for the greetings wolf, nice to meet you.
funny you should bring up the old school seems to me that alot of todays young people dont know there used to be a difference between old school metal mosh and "punk slam dancing"

i guess its all the same now.:rolleyes:

peace brother:headbang: