Dream Theater Number of the Beast boots online now!

Hey.... did those direct links that Aussie Outlaw posted work for anyone else?
I dowlnoaded the first 2.... Invaders and Children of the Damed and they worked perfectly... but when I try and d/l the others... it downloads Children of the Damned again... ?
haha, I just read on the Jordan Rudess site that during the last song in Dream Theaters show last night, John Myung crashed tackled James LaBrie while wearing his bass. Somebody dared him to do it! :headbang:

"In this band you NEVER know what is gonna happen. It is a group made up of very unusual, unpredictable characters! Tonight we played in Fuerth Germany and the unexpected happened. In an award winning move at the end of our last song, John Myung Bass player extroadinaire, decided to go over to front man Labrie and TACKLE
him football style, with his bass guitar on!!! THe two went down to the floor and rolled for a while while the other members of the group (me included) watched in complete amazement!!! It seems someone (who will go unmentioned) dared JM to do it with cash on the line! Lesson learned here. Don't EVER dare John Myung to do anything because it could happen!!!! Ben the lighting man gave John the "Most Out of Character Award" for the
tour!! Unbelievable... Write this day down. It was bizarre. Does ANYBODY have a picture of this?? We would all love to see it!! "
so which one of you nice peoples is gonna burn me off a copy hmmmmmmm?? :D, tis true im too sad own a burner or be on a 'net plan with motza d/load cause i dont d/load anything.

Think salty i could come round and pick it up :lol:
I can burn it for you no problem. I only downloaded the Iron Maiden covers...didnt download the whole DT show.

I can burn them as audio cd if you like...or would you prefer burned as mp3s?

We can sort out hand over later :)