Dungeon Interview

Nice interview,
I can't wait for the new album to come out.Having seen a Dungeon quite a few times recently i really enjoy the new songs(probably more than the ones on Resurrection).The song Netherlife which i beleive will be on the new album is my favourite song in the Dungeon setlist at the moment :)
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Have you guys got a target date for the album in mind Tim?

2001.... Maybe! HAHA!

I'd like to have the damn thing out NOW but it's taking forever to get the last niggly bits written and then we really want to play them in before we record. With any luck, we'll be recording by August / September and it's anyone's guess when it'll be out after that - getting things out seem to be a problem for us for some reason!

Our single and video has been ready for months but there's just been stupid hold-ups all along the way that have stopped it from coming out... We're trying to sort that stuff out in the next couple of weeks too!

Stupid music industry...! :mad:
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Yes a very good interview indeed....I was relieved to see the requisite HA HA HA s :D


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