East Coast US tour

Oak Knoll

Oak Knoll Productions
May 17, 2002
Attleboro, MA USA
It looks like Calmsite is being offered a spot on the Deathintheforest.com fest. We are also checking to see if we can get them a gig at Jaxx and maybe in the area of Philly. Also perhaps up here in Boston.
Hey bands and people! Calmsite needs your help for their tour here in May. Please post here if you can help. They need places to stay, help driving around, etc. Even if it's just for a day.
They will be in NY, PA, MA and in between.
Wouldn't it be cool to hang with a Finnish metal band!
Just waiting on Evan and William B from DM to see if they can get you a show (PA and/or NJ) any nite from May 22 to May 23rd. I should see what day you guys are playing the fest. You guys will need to help figure out the transportation situation. I can handle you on Wednesday late afternoon and figure something out how to get you to Boston airport (or to the train) Thursday.
here is the tour info so far
May 18th - CS flies into? NY? Boston?
May 19 off
May 20 - Death in the Forest fest in NY
May 21 -23 off
May 24 Boston show
May 25th off
May 26 fly home

So CS could use shows on the off dates
They are renting a van
TGER offered to use their eqip, Withersoul is avail also, and Distorted Mind said they could help if need be. Will/DM can post the backline of stuff the DITF guys will have for people to use.

Did I leave anything out? Where is CS staying? hotels? I'd offer my house - but it's only good for a nite and since me and my wife both work that wouldn't help during the days/mornings. Plus Boston is 45 mins away - a cheap hotel one room for the whole band would be worth it. NY is different - but I'm sure there is stuff out there.
Could Calmsite get added to any of the dates that Shroud/Keen are doing? i know it's a big bill already..but that might be helpful..

As for Withersoul, our schedules are really bizzare...but if we can't do the dates..POSSIBLY my other band could fill a date..(which is drone/sludge)

Jeremy..you should talk to some booking agents on the east coast...maybe they can help out..
I can get you guys in Baltimore May 19th with a sludge band, Xeper and gothic metal band named Urn... do you guys want to do it?

Baltimore is about 4 hours away from NYC..