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May 17, 2002
Attleboro, MA USA
Ok so we have bands in update NY (Warblade and Fireborn). Virginia, New England.. even Finland. If anyone wants a show in upstate NY or area there - contact Matt from Fireborn. I'll get him to post here - he is icedtallica at Bill can get shows in the Virginia area. Also I know Calmsite wants to tour the east coast of USA. Just starting off this section. We/I need to invite people to more of these chats to help plan/discuss. Also need bands to start posting in the public section of this Oak Knoll forum area. :hotjump:
Talking to my band, it looks pretty cool for us to do a short road jaunt with Calmsite this summer... We're still trying to find a third, more "road experienced" band to add to the bill (if this all works out in the end) to headline the whole thing.

Honestly..for me...going anything more south than North Carolina could be a huge money loss...lots of driving, lots of gas money... less than stellar turnouts. I was thinking that it would actually be better to head north, and then possibly into Canada for those dates.. or something like that. I think it'd be a bit more affordable (shorter drives between cities) and possibly more open minded audiences...

As for other gigs...we would love to get up to New York and play everyone on this label.. We were suppposed to do a gig with Fireborn, but we had some lineup issues occur..(which we have now fixed)...

I know Shroud's coming south in Jan for a gig with us, anyone else want to jam?
I wonder if i should move some of these threads out side of the inner circle. It was just for Oak Knoll planning and chatting but some of these might be good in the public areas? what do you think and which ones?
we haven't "set up" any shows since the summer, but we can definitely get some shit rolling here in philly with enough advance notice and planning. there are plenty of places to hang fliers, leave cd's, and there are even a few radio stations that will include the shows on their concert calenders. so, if anyone is interested in trading shows, please feel free to contact us. we are especially interested in doing east coast/mid-atlantic shows during the first two weeks of january.
i'm looking for a good all-ages venue, but club shows are relatively easy to get here, and i know a few promoters in New Jersey and the Lehigh Valley(an hour north of Philadelphia, Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton)
we have some good bands in our area, so putting together a strong line-up should not be difficult. as far as finding a good headliner for east coast tours, i would suggest approaching Canadian bands on Krakenhaus Records (Woods of Ypres, Vanquished, Wetwork,) as well as North Carolina's Daylight Dies (just moved from Relapse to Candlelight,) or even Philadelphia's Rumplestiltskin Grinder (just signed to Relapse)

sorry for the lengthy post
I'd love to see a tour or shows with Woods of Ypres or Daylight Dies. I love those bands! :) Can anyone contact them on our behalf? I would go to PA if Shroud and/or Withersoul goes out to there to play. I know Warblade and Fireborn would play there. They also have shows going on in upstate NY that they could swap/collaborate on. Also Enamored ( would be up for shows in PA (they are from Allentown?). I know William is helping Calmsite (Finland) plan a US east cost tour next summer(?). Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Maybe we can send bands here to help plan and interest them in tours/shows.

I can set up a PRIVATE web page with band contact info on my site if you'd like
with email, phone, IM ids etc (if it helps)
i have exchanged e-mails with both Daylight Dies and Woods of Ypres in the past, but more so with WOY, and i spoke to David Gold in person a few weeks ago, and he actually mentioned the possibility of doing something with TGER. i can contact him and see if they have any tour plans.

in any case, maybe TGER can set up a show for February and host 4 or 5 Oak Knoll bands??
That sounds great, if there is enough advance notice..we can definately do it..

As for Daylight Dies..i've tried to contact them multiple times about doing shows in the past, but they always have given me the runaround..

Woods of Ypres would be absolutely perfect... do they have a full lineup again?
Awesome... let's see how interested they are in playing America some.. I think a Woods of Ypres/Green Evening/Shroud/Withersoul line up would be completely deadly...
good venues are the hard part. many venues in this area have been shut down within the last year thanks the death throes of what once was the good ole' hardcore scene. unfortunately, metalcore still prevails and it's every band for itself. that's why it is crucial for good metal bands to work together. as soon as i find the right location, i will book a date and start to promote the living hell into it.

Dave Brenner from Metal Maniacs wants to see Green Evening in NYC, so that might be our next step for booking. does anyone have any venue suggestions? is anyone interested in playing up there with us?

Jeremy- maybe a "booking" link on the Oak Knoll website would be a good step, or even a show trading section in the public forum.
I hope Dan doesn't mind me posting his post from return to the pit:

post by dyingmuse at Nov 28,2005 8:47pm

keen of the crow(all the morgion members) are flying out from cali and have asked us to do all of these dates with them. here are the dates i got, we have a date for mass or nh so long as it's new england that we have to set up for them/us.

anyone have any ideas/ suggestions of where we could get the biggest draw if we can only choose 1 date in ne? the date is 5/18 what's the best venue venue?

also who will actually be wanting to go to this? if this goes on it would be rad if everyone around here could help out or at least show up!

5/10 Nashville, TN
5/11 Atlanta, GA
5/12 Raliegh, NC
5/13 Baltimore, MD
5/14 Philadephia, PA
5/15 OFF
5/16 OFF
5/17 New York, NY
5/18 ?, New Hampshire
5/19 Rochester, NY
5/20 Cleveland, OH
5/21 Chicago, IL
if they want...we can do the Raliegh, Baltimore, Philly dates.. they should book a richmond gig.. they can crash out at my place..and there will be a good local crowd there...
i'll get to work on the Keen of the Crow show if they need a solid philly date. i have also offered to help Calmsite with booking some dates and promoting, i just need a timeframe for them. if anyone one wants to work on dates for various shows with me, please let me know. i've been exchanging e-mails with Woods of Ypres about touring, and at the moment they are mainly interested in Friday/Saturday/Sunday mini-tours until their new album is finished. i think we can definitely help them out with that as a collective, so i think we should aim for early spring.
Wow.. WOY would do some mini tours? that would be great! I'll get Dan to check this post.. I'm sure WS would be all over that. Dan has a contact from Keen and it's probably best to filter through him if anyone can get on that tour for some local shows.