[EBAY] Huge Lot 600+ Rare/Kvlt Albums, Black/Death/Doom/etc., Worldwide Shippings


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May 2, 2014
First, thank-you for taking the time to look at my items.

Up for sale on eBay is a collection of 600+ albums ranging just about every metal genre. However, my focus was Black/Doom so you'll find more of those than others. Most of them range from the early 1990s to the early/mid 2000s. Hundreds of hand numbered/limited releases, demos and very rare/hard to find albums.

I've split the albums up into 68 lots of about nine albums each. Hopefully this makes it a bit easier to buy only what you want. You can see the complete list of albums below, as well as a link to a nicer Google spreadsheet that includes the exact lot # of each item.

Worldwide shipping, 100% Positive eBay feedback w/ 350+ ratings, combined shipping discounts, PayPal or pickup only, etc.

The eBay auctions

Google spreadsheet of all items w/ lot numbers
PDF version

Google spreadsheet of all items w/o lot numbers (can make it easier to browse/sort)
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Should you have any questions feel free to ask.

Partial, Non-formatted List
Artist Album Year Genre Notes
1349 Beyond the Apocalypse 2004 Black Metal
Abiathar / Gates of Dis In Darkness Brooding / Lord War 2004 Black Metal
Abigail / Korihor Alkoholik Metal Blasphemers 2003 Black/Thrash Metal/Black Metal
Abigor Satanized (A Journey Through Cosmic Infinity) 2001 Black Metal
Absentia Lunae Marching upon Forgotten Ashes 2004 Black Metal
Abusiveness Krzyk świtu 2002 Black Metal
Abysmal The Pillorian Age 1995 Black/Doom Metal
Ad Noctem / Haemoth Mortuales Delecti 2003 Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Agalloch The White 2008 Atmospheric Folk/Doom Metal, Post-Rock/Metal Limited to 2000 copies
Agalloch Pale Folklore 1999 Atmospheric Folk/Doom Metal, Post-Rock/Metal
Agalloch The Mantle 2002 Atmospheric Folk/Doom Metal, Post-Rock/Metal
Agathodaimon Blacken the Angel 1998 Symphonic Black Metal
Agathodaimon Higher Art of Rebellion 1999 Symphonic Black Metal
Agmen Damnation 1999 Melodic Death/Black Metal Limied to 666 copies
Alghazanth Osiris - Typhon Unmasked 2001 Symphonic Black Metal
Alghazanth Subliminal Antenora 2000 Symphonic Black Metal
Algol / Shroud of Despondency Whispers from an Empty Room 2004 Melodic Black/Death Metal/Black Metal
Algor Úder pohanského hnevu 2003 Black Metal
Amaka Hahina Aheah Saergathan! 2002 Dark Ambient Limited to 1000 copies
Ammit Mass Suicide/Steel Inferno 2005 Black/Thrash Metal Promo
Amorphis Elegy 1996 Progressive/Death/Doom Metal
Ancalagon First Age: Entering Legenda 2001 Pagan Metal
Ancient The Halls of Eternity 1999 Melodic Black Metal
Ancient Tundra The Desolation of an Arctic Landscape 2007 Dark Ambient 10/100
Ancient Wisdom For Snow Covered the Northland 1996 Atmospheric Black Metal
Anorexia Nervosa Redemption Process 2004 Symphonic Black Metal Promo, Sampler
Arcana The New Light 2004 Dark Ambient/Modern Classical Limited to 2000 copies
Argar Grim March to Black Eternity 2004 Black Metal
Arkenstone Arkenstone 2002 Black Metal
Arkham Chapter III, the Madness from the Sea 2004 Black Metal/Dark Ambient 459/994
Arkona / Szron Zrodzony z ognia i lodu / Mankind's Funeral 2004 Pagan Black Metal/Black Metal 288/666
Armagedda Only True Believers 2003 Black Metal
Armagedda The Final War Approaching 2001 Black Metal
Aryan Art ...И Въпреки Всичко, България Ще Пребъде 2005 Black Metal Limited to 1100 copies
Aryan Wind Kriegswind 2002 NS Black Metal
Ashdautas Shadow Plays of Grief and Pain 2005 Black Metal
Ashen Light Песни Мёртвых - Зов Тьмы 2002 Ambient/Folk/Black Metal
Ashen Light Песнь Велеса 1999 Ambient/Folk/Black Metal
Ashen Light Стары Былины - Славенские Вечера 2001 Ambient/Folk/Black Metal
Ashes Forest Funeral / Funeral Forest 2005 Raw Black Metal/Ambient
Askuror / Vargshelske Kirchenbrand 2005 Pagan Black Metal/Black Metal
Astray Until I'm Cold Enough 1999 Death/Black Metal
Astrofaes Dying Emotions Domain 1998 Black Metal
Averse Sefira Homecoming's March 1999 Black Metal
Avrigus The Secret Kingdom 2001 Orchestral/Ambient Doom Metal
Azaghal DeathKult MMDCLXVI 2001 Black Metal
Azaghal Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä 1999 Black Metal
Azrael Into Shadows Act II: Through Horned Shadows Glimpse 2004 Black Metal
Battlehorns Demo Kompilation 2002 Black Metal Limited to 500 copies
Bazzah Kingdom of the Dead 2004 Black Metal Promo
Beelzeb Misanthrope's Aurora 2004 Black Metal
Beheaded Lamb A Grave to This World 2002 Black Metal
Behexen By the Blessing of Satan 2004 Black Metal Promo, Limited to 1000 copies
Bellum / Rhune Vinland Rising 2005 Black Metal/Epic Pagan Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Benediction Transcend the Rubicon 1993 Death Metal
Bergthron Faust für Faust 2004 Atmospheric/Progressive Black Metal
Bergthron Jagdheim 2001 Atmospheric/Progressive Black Metal
Bergthron Verborgen in den Tiefen der Wälder... 1997 Atmospheric/Progressive Black Metal
Besatt Hellstorm 2001 Black Metal
Beyond the Ninth Wave Beyond the Ninth Wave 2006 Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Bilskirnir Ahnenerbe 2004 NS Black Metal
Bilskirnir Furor Teutonicus 2004 NS Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Black Circle Behold My Visions and Wisdom 2004 Black Metal
Black Funeral Belial Arisen 2003 Black Metal/Dark Ambient
Blackdeath Saturn Sector 2001 Black Metal
BlackSStorm / Anwynn Alesia 2002 NS Black Metal/Black Metal 28/100
Blessed in Sin / Kristallnacht / Seigneur Voland Gathered Under the Banner of Concilium 2001 Black Metal/NS Black Metal
Blodarv Soulcollector (The Thousand Years Tale) 2004 Black Metal
Blodarv / Silva Nigra Deamonis / Symbol of Hate 2002 Black Metal 58/500
Blodulv / Aska The Purest Cold Precision 2004 Black Metal Limited to 666 copies
Blue Deers Blue Deers 2007 Atmospheric/Doom Metal/Electronic
Boréal Spleen 2003 Dark Ambient 44/50
Boréal Terre de Glace 1998 Dark Ambient 40/50
Boréal / Nord Les Saisons Froides / Songe d'une Nuit d'Hiver 2005 Dark Ambient/Dark Ambient/Black Metal 21/25
Borknagar Borknagar 1996 Black Metal/Progressive Viking/Folk Metal
Borknagar Empiricism 2001 Black Metal/Progressive Viking/Folk Metal
Borknagar The Archaic Course 1998 Black Metal/Progressive Viking/Folk Metal
Borknagar The Olden Domain 1997 Black Metal/Progressive Viking/Folk Metal
Burning Witch / Goatsnake Burning Witch / Goatsnake 2000 Sludge/Drone/Doom Metal
Canis Lupus Tales of Woghur 2002 Black Metal
Carpathian Forest Black Shining Leather 1998 Black Metal Promo
Carpathian Forest Defending the Throne of Evil 2003 Black Metal Promo
Carpathian Forest Morbid Fascination of Death 2001 Black Metal
Carpathian Forest Strange Old Brew 2000 Black Metal
Carpathian Full Moon Serenades in Blood Minor 1994 Black/Doom Metal
Catamenia Halls of Frozen North 1998 Melodic Black Metal
Celestia A Cave Full of Bats 1999 Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Celestia Apparitia - Sumptuous Spectre 2002 Black Metal Limited to 2000 copies
Celtic Dance / Wolfthrone Regressus Ad Uterum / ...Memories from Ancestral Times 2004 Black Metal
Cernunnos The Beast 2003 Symphonic Black Metal
Chaos Moon Languor into Echoes, Beyond 2007 Black/Funeral Doom Metal
Chaos Moon Origin of Apparition 2007 Black/Funeral Doom Metal
Children of Bodom Follow the Reaper 2000 Melodic Death/Power Metal
Children of Bodom Hate Crew Deathroll 2003 Melodic Death/Power Metal
Children of Bodom Hatebreeder 1999 Melodic Death/Power Metal
Children of Bodom Something Wild 1997 Melodic Death/Power Metal
Cianide Hell's Rebirth 2005 Death Metal, Death/Doom Metal Promo
Clair Obscur Sombre Revelations 1997 Black Metal
Clandestine Blaze Deliverers of Faith 2004 Black Metal Limited to 1500 copies
Clandestine Blaze / Deathspell Omega Clandestine Blaze / Deathspell Omega 2001 Black Metal/Black Metal/Avant-garde
Cobalt War Metal 2005 Black Metal Promo
Cold Northern Vengeance The Arising Dungeon Cult 2004 Black Metal
Corona Borealis Cantus Paganus 2000 Dark Ambient/Folk/Medieval
Corpus Christii The Torment Continues 2005 Black Metal
Corpus Christii / Thesyre F.O.A.D. 2005 Black Metal/Black/Thrash Metal
Covenant Nexus Polaris 1998 Melodic Black Metal
Craft Terror Propaganda 2002 Black Metal
Craft Total Soul Rape 2000 Black Metal
Crebain / Leviathan Crebain / Leviathan 2004 Black Metal/Black Metal/Ambient Limited to 666 copies
Crionics Armageddon's Evolution 2004 Death/Black Metal Promo
Cryfemal Escucha a los Muertos 2005 Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Crypt of Kerberos World of Myths 1993 Progressive Death/Doom Metal
Cryptal Darkness They Whispered You Had Risen 1999 Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Cryptic Winds Storms of the Black Millenium 2001 Black Metal
Cyhiriaeth Following the Wind's Path 2000 Pagan Black Metal
CYT / Drastus / Hostis From the Womb of Ferocious 2005 Dark Ambient/Black Metal
Daemonarch Hermeticum 1998 Melodic Black Metal
Daemonlord / Lux Ferre / Mortinatum / Malleus Acerbus Mortis 2005 Raw Black Metal
Daeonia Morphic Lands 1996 Gothic/Doom Metal
Dalmerot's Kingdom Hamistorin Hanitzchi 1998 Black Metal
Dapnom Verklärt Nacht 2006 Dark Ambient
Dargaard Eternity Rites 1998 Dark Ambient/Neoclassical
Dark Fortress Stab Wounds 2004 Melodic Black Metal
Dark Fortress Tales from Eternal Dusk 2001 Melodic Black Metal
Dark Funeral Diabolis Interium 2001 Black Metal
Dark Procession Mists of Darkness 2006 Black Metal/Acoustic/Experimental
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult Nocturnal March 2004 Black Metal Limited to 3500 copies
Darkmoon Warrior / Eternity / Luror / Shadows Toward My Sky We Walk the Infernal Path 2003 Black Metal 296/666
Darkthrone A Blaze in the Northern Sky 1992 Black/Death Metal
Darkthrone Transilvanian Hunger 1994 Black/Death Metal
Dawn of Division Awaiting the Dawn 2005 Black Metal Limited to 300 copies
Dawn of Division Outrage of Desolation 2003 Black Metal
De Infernali Symphonia De Infernali 1997 Dark Ambient
Dead to Earth / Idvarp / VolkeinBlucht Three Way Split 2004 Black Metal
Deathprod Morals and Dogma 2004 Dark Ambient/Drone/Modern Classical
Deathspell Omega Infernal Battles 2000 Black Metal/Avant-garde
Deathspell Omega Inquisitors of Satan 2002 Black Metal/Avant-garde
Deicide In Torment in Hell 2001 Death Metal
Deicide Serpents of the Light 1997 Death Metal
Demiurg From the Throne of Darkness 2005 Raw Black Metal
Demon Dog Sperm Hopeless 2007 Sludge/Stoner Metal
Der Gerwelt Human Breed 2003 Black Metal
Desultory Bitterness 1994 Death Metal
Diaboli Anthems of Sorrow 2000 Black Metal
Die Saat Der Schlachten Tribut 2003 Black/Folk Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Dimmu Borgir Enthrone Darkness Triumphant 1997 Symphonic Black Metal
Dimmu Borgir For all tid 1994 Symphonic Black Metal
Dimmu Borgir Godless Savage Garden 1998 Symphonic Black Metal
Dimmu Borgir Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia 2001 Symphonic Black Metal
Dimmu Borgir Spiritual Black Dimensions 1999 Symphonic Black Metal
Dimmu Borgir Stormblåst 1996 Symphonic Black Metal
Disjecta Da Marmorea Lapide Ombrati 2006 Black Metal Limited to 500 copies
Dissection Storm of the Light's Bane / Where Dead Angels Lie 1995 Melodic Black Metal, Melodic Death Metal
Dissection The Somberlain 1993 Melodic Black Metal, Melodic Death Metal
DoomSword Resound the Horn 2002 Epic/Heavy/Viking/Doom Metal
Drastus Roars from the Old Serpent's Paradise 2005 Black Metal
Drastus Taphos 2006 Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Draugar Weathering the Curse 2004 Black Metal Promo
Draugsang Seil På Skyggans Hav 2005 Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Draugwath Dwellers of the Cursed Forest 1995 Black Metal 143/500
Drautran Unter dem Banner der Nordwinde 2000 Melodic/Pagan Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Drecksau Brecher 1998 Sludge/Doom Metal
Drudkh Autumn Aurora 2004 Black Metal
Drudkh Forgotten Legends 2003 Black Metal
Dub Buk Iду на Ви! 2002 Melodic Black/Pagan Metal
Dub Buk Місяць Помсти 1999 Melodic Black/Pagan Metal
Dub Buk Русь Понад Усе! 2003 Melodic Black/Pagan Metal
Dusk Carpathian Darkness 2005 Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Dyster Fallen, Suicided & Forgotten 2006 Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Ecliptic Sunset ...from These Dried Lands 2003 Black/Death Metal
Eibon The Garden of Theophrastus 1995 Atmospheric Black Metal
Electric Wizard Let Us Prey 2002 Doom/Stoner Metal
Elffor From the Throne of Hate 2004 Symphonic Black Metal/Ambient
Emperor Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk 1997 Symphonic Black Metal
Emperor In the Nightside Eclipse 1994 Symphonic Black Metal
Emperor Prometheus - The Discipline of Fire & Demise 2001 Black Metal
Emperor / Enslaved Emperor / Hordanes Land 1993 Black Metal/Progressive Black/Viking Metal
Empty Black Metal 2002 A Source of Hollow Essence
Enslaved Below the Lights 2003 Progressive Black/Viking Metal
Enslaved Blodhemn 1998 Progressive Black/Viking Metal
Enslaved Eld 1997 Progressive Black/Viking Metal
Enslaved Frost 1994 Progressive Black/Viking Metal
Enslaved Mardraum: Beyond the Within 2000 Progressive Black/Viking Metal
Enslaved Monumension 2001 Progressive Black/Viking Metal
Enthroned Regie Sathanas - A Tribute to Cernunnos 1998 Black Metal
Equitant The Great Lands of Minas Ithil 1994 Dark Ambient 18/100
Esoteric Epistemological Despondency 1994 Funeral Doom/Death Metal Limited to 2500 copies
Esoteric Metamorphogenesis 1999 Funeral Doom/Death Metal
Esoteric Subconscious Dissolution into the Continuum 2004 Funeral Doom/Death Metal
Esoteric The Pernicious Enigma 1997 Funeral Doom/Death Metal
Eternal Majesty From War to Darkness 2003 Black Metal Limited to 500 copies
Evil Pagan Fury 1994-1996 2005 Black Metal
Evoken Quietus 2001 Funeral Doom/Death Metal
Exordium Exordium 2001 Black Metal
Exsecratum / Imago Mortis Brixheim 2002 Black Metal
Extinction Down Below the Fog 2001 Black Metal
Faustrecht DemoNiak 2002 Black Metal
Fear Factory Concrete 1991 Industrial/Death Metal
Fear Factory Fear Is the Mindkiller 1993 Industrial/Death Metal
Fear Factory Soul of a New Machine 1992 Industrial/Death Metal
Fearbringer Le Notti Del Peccato 2004 Black Metal
Finntroll Nattfödd 2004 Humppa Folk Metal Promo
Finnugor Black Flames 2002 Symphonic Black Metal
Finnugor Death Before Dawn 2003 Symphonic Black Metal
Flaskavsae Celestial 2005 Dark Ambient/Black Metal 2/3
Forest Forest 1996 Black Metal
Forest Like a Blaze Above the Ashes 1997 Black Metal
Forest В Пламени Славы / In the Flame of Glory 2005 Black Metal
Forest Stream Tears of Mortal Solitude 2003 Black/Gothic/Doom Metal Promo
Forgotten Darkness Nacht aus Blut 2004 Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Forgotten Tomb Love's Burial Ground 2004 Black Metal
Forgotten Tomb Springtime Depression 2003 Black Metal
Fragment. Monolith 2008 Atmospheric/Doom/Drone Metal Limited to 100 copies
Frostkrieg Majestätik Eines Kalten Elements 2003 Black Metal
Frostmoon Tordenkrig 1999 Viking/Black Metal
Frostmoon Eclipse Death Is Coming 2003 Black Metal
Frostmoon Eclipse Dead and Forever Gone 2005 Black Metal
Frozen Shadows Hantises 2004 Black Metal
Funeral Mourning Drown in Solitude 2006 Black/Funeral Doom Metal
Funeral Winds Godslayer Xul 1998 Black Metal
Funereal Moon Luciferian Symphonies of Destruction - 10 Years of Audio Blasphemia 2005 Ambient/Black Metal 194/500
Funereal Moon Taumogenesis 2003 Ambient/Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Funeris Nocturnum From the Aspect of Darkly Illuminated 2001 Melodic Black Metal
Galgeras Reliekrover 2003 Black Metal
Gates of Azharia / Torech Ungol Les Voies du Destin 2004 Dark Ambient/Black Metal
Gates of Ishtar The Dawn of Flames 1997 Melodic Death Metal
Gholgoth Somnus Mortis Imago 2004 Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Goatfire Fiendish Ruminations 2004 Black Metal
Goatpenis Semen 1992 - Anno Domini 2004 Black/Death Metal
Goatwar We Are Heretics 2005 Black Metal
Goetia Enthroned upon Dark Skies 1998 Black Metal
Gorgoroth Twilight of the Idols - In Conspiracy with Satan 2003 Black Metal
Grabschänder / Hati / Katharkh Vereint im Glaube, vereint im Kampf 2003 Black Metal 469/500
Grand Belial's Key A Witness to the Regicide 1996 Black Metal
Graven Perished and Forgotten 2002 Black Metal
Graveworm When Daylight's Gone 1997 Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Grief Come to Grief 1994 Sludge/Doom Metal
Grim Funeral / Spectre A Grim Funeral for Humanity / Coldness in the Howl 2004 Black Metal
Grom / Sunwheel Beastial Onslaught / Prophecies of the Aryan Moon 2004 NS Black Metal
Gruesome Karnage ...1990-1992 2003 Death Metal 27/?
Haemoth Vice, Suffering and Destruction 2004 Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Harvist A Gleam in the Night 2000 Black Metal Limited to 2,000 copies
Heavenshore Between Human and Divine 1996 Black/Doom Metal
Helgrindr Von den Vorfahren herstammend Landen 2001 Atmospheric Black Metal
Hellveto In Arms of Kurpian Phantom 2004 Orchestral Pagan Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Her Name Is Death Loathsome Christ 2006 Sludge/Doom/Drone Metal Limited to 100 copies
Heulend Horn The Saga of the Draugr 2003 Epic Viking/Black Metal
Hin Onde Songs of Battle 2000 Melodic Black/Folk Metal
Hirpus Ianuaria 2005 Black Metal
Honor Pugnae Honor Pugnae 2004 Black Metal
Hordes of the Lunar Eclipse Dancing Demons in the Grey-Lit Glade 2003 Black Metal
Horn of Valere Blood of the Heathen Ancients 2004 Black Metal
I Flow in Depths / Jatunheim /Wanderer / Wintermoon I Flow in Depths / Jatunheim /Wanderer / Wintermoon 2008 Melodic Black Metal/Dark Ambient/Black Metal
Idhafels / Throndt Idhafels / Throndt 2003 Black Metal Limited to 500 copies
Ildjarn Hardangervidda 2002 Dark Ambient
Ildjarn Hardangervidda part 2 2002 Dark Ambient
Immortal At the Heart of Winter 1999 Black Metal
Immortal Sons of Northern Darkness 2002 Black Metal
Impious Havoc At the Ruins of the Holy Kingdom 2004 Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Impious Havoc Monuments of Suffering 2004 Black Metal Limited to 500 copies
Infernal War / Warhead Explosion 2004 Black Metal/NS Black Metal
Infernum ...Taur-Nu-Fuin... 1994 Black Metal
Inimical / Sect The Other Gods / Wrath of the Lost 2003 Black Metal 434/500
Insomnia At Night 2003 Dark Ambient/Field Recording Limited to 333 copies
Insomnia When Evening Falls 2003 Dark Ambient/Field Recording Limited to 333 copies
InThyFlesh Lechery Maledictions and Grieving Adjures to the Concerns of Flesh 2007 Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Inward Escape Sacred Nothing 2004 Dark Ambient/Avant-garde Black Metal Limited to 500 copies
Isafjord / Nest The Unseen Passage / Hidden Stream 2001 Atmospheric/Neofolk/Ambient
Island Orakel 2004 Progressive Death Metal
Iuvenes Blood, Steel and Temper of Spirit 2004 Dark Ambient/Viking/Black Metal
Jääportit Avarrus 2006 Dark Ambient
Jack Frost Gloom Rock Asylum 2000 Gothic/Doom Metal
Judas Iscariot Dethroned, Conquered and Forgotten 2000 Black Metal
Judas Iscariot Distant in Solitary Night 1999 Black Metal
Judas Iscariot Heaven in Flames 1999 Black Metal
Judas Iscariot The Cold Earth Slept Below... 1996 Black Metal
Judas Iscariot Thy Dying Light 1996 Black Metal
Judas Iscariot To Embrace the Corpses Bleeding 2002 Black Metal
Kampfar Kampfar 1996 Pagan Black Metal
Karsten Hamre Broken Whispers 2005 Dark Ambient Limited to 1000 copies
Katatonia Brave Murder Day 1996 Doom/Gothic/Progressive/ Death Metal
Katatonia For Funerals to Come... 1995 Doom/Death Metal
Kathaarian Cryptic Temples of the Ancient Cult 2005 Raw Black Metal
Kekal 1000 Thoughts of Violence 2003 Avant-garde/Experimental Extreme Metal
Kekal Embrace the Dead 1999 Avant-garde/Experimental Extreme Metal
Khisanth Forseen Storms of the Apocalypse 2002 Black Metal
Khold Mørke gravers kammer 2004 Black Metal Promo
Kohllapse Kohllapse 1996 Dark Progressive Metal
Korperschwache Sordid Revelations from the Cult of the Nazarene 2003 Noise/Industrial/Doom Metal Limited to 150 copies
Korperschwache The Devil Speaks Through My Guitar 2004 Noise/Industrial/Doom Metal Limited to 200 copies
Kraina Bez Wiatru / Perunwit Kraina Bez Wiatru / Perunwit 1996 Neofolk/Dark Ambient/Pagan Folk Metal
Krieg Kill Yourself or Someone You Love 2002 Black Metal
Krieg The Black House 2004 Black Metal
Kriegsmaschine Altered States of Divinity 2005 Black Metal
Lacrimas Profundere Memorandum 1999 Gothic/Doom Metal
Legion of Doom For Those of the Blood 1996 Black Metal
Legion of Doom Kingdom of Endless Darkness 1995 Black Metal
Leviathan Tentacles of Whorror 2004 Black Metal/Ambient
Leviathan The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide 2003 Black Metal/Ambient
Leviathan Verräter 2002 Black Metal/Ambient
Leviathan / Sapthuran Leviathan / Sapthuran 2006 Black Metal/Ambient/Black Metal
Liholesie Извечное Коловращение 2004 Dark Ambient/Neofolk/Medieval
Longing for Dawn One Lonely Path 2005 Atmospheric/Death/Doom Metal
Luciferi Excelsi Heiliger Krieg 2002 Black Metal Limited to 500 copies
Lucifugum ...Back to Chopped Down Roots 2003 Black Metal
Lucifugum Клеймо Эгоизма (Stigma Egoism) 2002 Black Metal
Lugubre Anti-Human Black Metal 2004 Black Metal
Lugubre / Misanthropy United in Mankind's Annihilation 2001 Black Metal 254/300
Lugubrum De Totem 1999 Avant-garde/Black Metal
Lugubrum De Vette Cuecken 2004 Avant-garde/Black Metal
Lull Collected 2003 Dark Ambient/Noise
Lunar Aurora Elixir of Sorrow 2004 Black Metal
Luror The Iron Hand of Blackest Terror 2003 Black Metal
Lycanthropy The Veils of Sorrow 1996 Black Metal
Malveillance Que La Mort Vous Emporte 2003 Black Metal 425/500
Månegarm Nordstjärnans Tidsålder 1998 Viking/Black/Folk Metal
Månegarm Vargaresa - The Beginning 2004 Viking/Black/Folk Metal Promo
Manes Maanens Natt 1993 Raw Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Manes Ned I Stillheten 1994 Raw Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Manes Under ein Blodraud Maane 1999 Black Metal
Manetheren The Absence of Light 2005 Black Metal Limited to 500 copies
Marduk Glorification 1996 Black Metal
Marduk Infernal Eternal 2000 Black Metal
Matricide Black Mass Gathering 2004 Black Metal
Mayhem / The Meads of Asphodel Freezing Moon / Jihad 2002 Black Metal/Experimental Black Metal
Mephistophelian Bleeding Hearts on the Snow 2004 Black Metal
Merrimack Obsecrations to the Horned 2004 Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Methadrone Erroneous Enlightenment 2004 Atmospheric Sludge/Doom Metal Limited to 222 copies
Miasthenia / Songe d'Enfer Visions of Nocturnal Tragedies 1998 Melodic Pagan Black Metal/Black Metal
Midvinter At the Sight of the Apocalypse Dragon 1997 Black Metal
Mirrorthrone Of Wind and Weeping 2003 Experimental/Atmospheric Death/Black Metal Limited slipcase 1000 copies
Misery's Omen Misery's Omen 2003 Progressive/Black/Doom Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Mithotyn In the Sign of the Ravens 1997 Viking/Black Metal
Monarch 666 2005 Sludge/Drone/Doom Metal Limited to 1500 copies
Moon Lore The Spheres Beneath the Heavens 1997 Ambient/Black/Gothic Metal/Electronic Limited to 1111 copies
Moonsorrow Kivenkantaja 2003 Folk/Pagan/Black Metal
Moonsorrow Voimasta ja kunniasta 2001 Folk/Pagan/Black Metal
Moontower Black Metal Terror 2004 Black Metal
Moontower Praise the Apocalypse 2004 Black Metal
Morbovia The Realm of Unconcern 1999 Melodic Death Metal
Mord Imperium Magnum Infernalis 2006 Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Morgion Cloaked by Ages, Crowned in Earth 2004 Death/Doom Metal
Mörker Den Sista Utfärden 2005 Symphonic Black Metal
Morte Incandescente Coffin Desecrators 2005 Black Metal
Morte Incandescente Ultimatum 2003 Black Metal Limited to 500 copies
Morte Incandescente Ultimatum 2003 Black Metal Limited to 500 copies
Morthond Paths of Desolation 2004 Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Mortician House by the Cemetery 1995 Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore
Mortifera Complainte d'une Agonie Celeste 2001 Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Mourning Beloveth Dust 2001 Doom/Death Metal
Mundanus Imperium Ode to the Nightsky 1997 Symphonic Blac/Dark Progressive Metal
Munruthel Ориянские Сказанья (Oriana Tales) 1999 Dark Ambient/Symphonic Black/Folk Metal
Mustan Kuun Lapset Prologi 1998 Black/Dark Metal
Mustan Kuun Lapset Suruntuoja 2002 Black/Dark Metal
Mütiilation Vampires of Black Imperial Blood 1995 Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
My Dying Bride As the Flower Withers 1992 Doom/Gothic/Death Metal
My Dying Bride Like Gods of the Sun 1996 Doom/Gothic/Death Metal
My Dying Bride Songs of Darkness, Words of Light 2004 Doom/Gothic/Death Metal
My Dying Bride The Angel and the Dark River / Live at the Dynamo '95 1995 Doom/Gothic/Death Metal
My Dying Bride Turn Loose the Swans 1993 Doom/Gothic/Death Metal
Mydgard Decay of Thy Gods 2002 Black Metal
Myrk Icons of the Dark 2003 Black Metal
Mysticum In the Streams of Inferno 1996 Industrial Black Metal
Nachtfalke Doomed to Die 2002 Black/Viking Metal
Nachtfalke Hail Victory Teutonia 2001 Black/Viking Metal
Nachtfalke Land of Frost 2003 Black/Viking Metal
Nachtgeblüt Strange Ways to Ancient Times 2005 Black Metal Limited to 314 copies
Nadja Bodycage 2005 Ambient Drone/Doom Metal Limited to 500 copies
Nadja Corrasion 2003 Ambient Drone/Doom Metal Limited to 200 copies
Nadja Skin Turns to Glass 2003 Ambient Drone/Doom Metal Limited to 120 copies
Nadja Touched 2002 Ambient Drone/Doom Metal
Nagelfar Hünengrab im Herbst 1997 Black Metal
Nagelfar Srontgorrth 1999 Black Metal
Naglfar Ex Inferis 2002 Melodic Black Metal
Nargathrond ...for We Blessed This World with Plagues 2002 Ambient/Black/Gothic Metal
Nattefrost Blood & Vomit 2004 Black Metal Promo
Nazgûl De Expugnatione Elfmuth 2002 Symphonic Black Metal
Nebelwald The Ancient Rites of Marghas 2004 Melodic Black Metal 242/666
Nebular Moon Mourning 1997 Death/Black Metal
Necrodemon Ice Fields of Hyperion 2006 Death/Thrash Metal
Nehëmah Light of a Dead Star 2002 Black Metal
Nekrasov Into the No-Mans-Sphere of the Ancient Days 2007 Atmospheric Black Metal/Ambient
Nergal Absinthos 2006 Black Metal
Nest Trail of the Unwary 2007 Atmospheric/Neofolk/Ambient
Nest Woodsmoke 2003 Atmospheric/Neofolk/Ambient
Night Conquers Day Rebellion Is the Art of Survival 1999 Black Metal Promo
Nightbringer / Temple of Not Rex Ex Ordine Throni 2005 Black Metal/Dark Ambient
Nihil Nocturne Necrohell 2003 Black Metal
Nihternnes The Dawning of a New Era 2007 Symphonic Black Metal 18/100
Njiqahdda Almare Dosegaas Fyaltu 2007 Atmospheric Black Metal/Psychedelic Rock/Ambient
Nocternity A Fallen Unicorn 2004 Black Metal
Nocternity En Oria / Crucify Him 2004 Black Metal
Nocternity Onyx 2003 Black Metal
Nocti Vagus Venture in Sombre Passion 1998 Black Metal
Nocturnal Breed Aggressor 1997 Thrash/Black Metal
Noisegate The Towers Are Burning 1999 Ambient/Death/Industrial Metal/Noise
Nokturnal Mortum Lunar Poetry 1996 Folk Symphonic Black Metal
Nokturnal Mortum Нехристь 1999 Folk Symphonic Black Metal
Nokturne Kruelty Kampaign 2006 Black Metal
Nommam Erytz Nommam Erytz 2007 Dark Ambient/Noise/Industrial
Noothgrush Failing Early, Failing Often 2001 Sludge/Doom Metal
Nordicwinter Threnody 2007 Black Metal Limited to 1000 copies
Nordisches Blut Our Banners Will Rise 2003 Pagan Black Metal
Nordmen Vertus guerrières 2003 Black Metal
Nordvykk Nordland 2004 Melodic Black Metal
Northern Frost Ewige Kälte 2007 Ambient/Black Metal
Nothing Nondescript 1999 Dark Ambient/Industrial
Nuclear Winter Pain Slavery and Desertion 2002 Black Metal
Nuclear Winter / Soulcide Beyond the Nought / Misanthropy 2003 Ambient/Black Metal/Black Metal Limited to 888 copies
Nuit Noire Lunar Deflagration 2004 Black Metal
Objekt4 Dead World Ambience Analysis 2007 Abstract/Ambient/Dark Ambient
October Falls Marras 2005 Folk/Ambient, Dark Metal
Odal Einst Verehrt Von Allen 2003 Pagan Black Metal Limited to 300 copies
Ødelegger The End of Tides 2003 Black Metal
Odium Hatred 2002 Black Metal Limited to 100 copies
Officium Triste Reason 2004 Death/Doom Metal
Ohtar Shall I Never Drink the Fulfillment 2004 Black Metal
Omitir Old Temple of Depression 2007 Black Metal Limited slipcase 666 copies
Open Grave The Heavens Cry Black Tears 2000 Black Metal
Order of the Ebon Hand XV: The Devil 2005 Black Metal
Ordo Equilibrio The Triumph of Light.... and Thy Thirteen Shadows of Love 1997 Ambient/Neofolk/Martial Industrial

+200 more albums (see eBay/Google/PDF links above for the entire list)
Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that the auctions will be ending in less than 24-hours. Thanks to everyone who has bid so far and best of luck!

And just for fun here are a few of the auctions that have been receiving the most attention thus far:

Highest price: LOT#08 Black Funeral, Blackdeath, BlackSStorm/Anwynn, Blessed in Sin/Kristallnacht/Seigneur Voland, Blodarv/Silva Nigra, Blodulv/Aska, Blue Deers, and Boréal @ 61$

Most watchers: LOT#02 Agalloch, Agathodaimon, Agmen, Alghazanth, Algol/Shroud of Despondency, andAlgo @ 17 watchers

Most bids: LOT#07 Benediction, Bergthron, Besatt, Beyond the Ninth Wave, Bilskirnir, and Black Circle @ 21 bids

Auctions to look out for (high watchers, but low bids/price or visa-versa):
LOT#67 Woods of Ypres, Wraith of the Ropes, Wreck of the Hesperus, Wulfhere, and Wyrd
LOT#10 Carpathian Forest, Carpathian Full Moon, Catamenia, Celestia, Celtic Dance/Wolfthrone, and Cernunnos
LOT#03 Amaka Hahina, Ammit, Amorphis, Ancalagon, Ancient Tundra, Ancient Wisdom, Anorexia Nervosa, and Arcana