Huge trade list - thrash, black, death, etc.


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Nov 19, 2007
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Send your trade lists if you see anything you like. Thanks! References available on request.

I'm from Canada.

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* means reserved. Feel free to show your interest though, negociations don't always end up in a deal ...

New additions this week

EIDOLON (CAN) - Hallowed Apparition - Fono/Metal Blade 2001 - Speed/Power
IN FLAMES (SWE) - Subterranean (reissue w/ bonus) - Candlelight USA/Regain 1995-2005 - Melodic Death
IN FLAMES (SWE) - The Tokyo Showdown (live) - IronD/Nuclear Blast 2001 - Melodic Death
INSANIA (SWE) - World Of Ice - Metal Blade/No Fashion 1999 - Power Metal
OBSCENE GESTURE (USA) - Living In Profanity - Xtreem Music 2007 - Thrashcore w/ ex-Agent Steel members

Current list


AGARTHI (ITA) - At The Burning Horizon - Red Stream 1997 - Black/Death
ANHKREHG (CAN) - Lands Of War - Frowz 2000 - Black Metal
BENIGHTED LEAMS (UK) - Caliginous Romantic Myth - Supernatural Music 1996 - Dark/Black
BLACK EMPIRE (MEX) - Into The Jails Of Past - Azermedoth/Witchcraft 2005 - Black/Thrash
BLOOD OF CHRIST (CAN) - ... A Dream To Remember (remastered) - CDN Records 1997-2005 - Black/Death
CAULDRON BLACK RAM (AUS) - Skulduggery - Weird Truth Productions 2004 - Black/Death
DEAD BEGINNERS, THE (FIN) - Sinner's Rebellion - Spikefarm 2000 - Melodic Black/Death
DESOLATE (BUL) - The Orb And Heavens - X-Rated Rec 2000 - Melodic Black/Death
DIABOLICAL BREED (NOR) - Compendium Infernus - World Chaos Prod 2004 - Symphonic Black
EMBERS OF LIFE (RUS) - Dark Conspiracy - More Hate Prod 2005 - Symphonic Black
FRAGMENTS OF SENTIENCE (CAN) - Hiatus - Indie 2005 - Black/Death
FUNERARIUM (FRA) - Noces Chimiques - Demysteriis/GWN 2004 - Melodic Black
*GODLESS NORTH/CHEMIN DE HAINE (CAN) - Only Human Ashes Are Real - War Spirit 2003 - Black Metal
MALEVOLENTIA (FRA) - Contes Et Nouvelles Macabres - Indie 2005 - Black Metal
MALIGNANT ETERNAL (NOR) - Alarm - Napalm 1999 - Indus Black Metal
MELEK TAUS (SWE) - Expulsion From The Realms Of Light - Near Dark Prod 1997 - Black Metal
MIND ECLIPSE (RUS) - Utopia: Formula Of God - Great White North 2005 - Black/Death
MORTHROND (USA) - Paths Of Desolation - Bindrune Recs 2004 - Black Metal
MYSTIC CIRCLE (GER) - Infernal Satanic Verses - Last Episode 1999 - Black Metal
MYSTIC DEATH (SLO) - Voices Of The Obscure World - Metal Age 1998 - Black Metal
NIGHTDARK (RUS) - Nostalgia ... - Volt Productions 2007 - Black Metal
OVERFIEND (GER) - Antihuman - Mindart 1997 - Black Metal
RESUSCITATOR (USA) - Cursed Visions From His Infernal Realm - Quadrivium 2001 - Black Metal
SHINING OF KLIFFOTH (GER) - Suicide Kings - Last Episode 1999 - Black Metal
SPECTRAL IMPUNITY (CAN) - Spectral Impunity - Neoblast 2002 - Black/Thrash
WINDWALKER (SWE) - The Dances Of The Elves - VOD Records 1997 - Epic Blackish Metal


ABITABYSS (CAN) Requiem Du Secteur Primaire Cryogenic 2005 Grind/Death
ABRASIVE (GER) Devotion Nice To Eat You 2005 Brutal Death Metal
AMBRAZURA (RUS) Storm In Your Brain Stygian Crypt 2002 Brutal Death Metal
BARBARITY (RUS) Hell Is Here Blacksmith Prod 2005 Death Metal
BEYOND THE EMBRACE (USA) Insect Song (Metal Blade 2004) Melodic Death/Heavy
BOWEL FETUS (AU) Bloodsoaked Doomageddon Half-Life 2006 Death/Grind
CEMETERY (IND) Detriment Image Sevared Records 2004 Death Metal
CEREMONY (USA) The Days Before The Death Hammerheart 2000 Death Metal
CHRIST DENIED (SPA) - ... Got What He Deserved (reissue w/ bonus) - Coyote Records 1996-2006 - Brutal Death
COERCION (GER) - Lifework - Animate Records 2003 - Death Metal
COLD MOON (USA) - Carnivorous Lunar Activities - Indie 2001 - Heavy/Death
CORPSOPHAGIST/MELODICA (ITA) Pathology Of Fecal Porno Stuff (split) Mortesecca Prod. 2006 Grind/Death
CRAWL (USA) Earth Pavement 1995 Industrial Death
DARK LEGION (POL) Bloodshed Deadsun 2001 Death Metal
DARKENED SKIES (USA) Dawn Of Dreams Khaosmaster Prod 2003 Death Metal
DEATHEVOKATION (USA) - The Chalice Of Ages - Xtreem Music 2007 - Death Metal
DEMENTED (SPA) How Much For My Death? Reek Of Putrefaction 2006 Brutal Death/Grind
DESECRATED DREAMS (SLO) Feelings Of Guilt Metal Age Prod 2001 Black/Death
DEW OF NOTHING (MEX) The Hatehunger (EP) Sempiternal Prod. 2001 Death Metal
DISINTERMENT (USA) Graveyard Fornication Nice To Eat You/Cephalic 2005 Death Metal
DIVINA ENEMA (RUS) - Under Phoenix Phenomenon - Great White North 2003 - Avant-Garde Death/Heavy
DOMINUS XUL (CHI) The Primigeni Xul Picoroco 1998 Death Metal
DROWNED IN BLOOD (MEX) The Warfare Continues American Line Prod 2005 Death Metal
ENDAST (CAN) The Promise Big Metal Records 2005 Melodic Death
ETERNAL RUIN/LEUKORRHEA (USA) Denied Existence (split) Amputated Vein 2003 Death/Grind
FLESHART/HARMONY DIES (GRE) Derangement ... (split) Obliteration Records 2003 Grind/Death
FROM BEYOND (CZE) Endtime (w/ bonus) Sonic Temple 2000-2005 Death Metal
FROM BEYOND (CZE) Sounds From The Grave Sonic Temple 2007 Death Metal
FUDGE TUNNEL (UK) Hate Songs In E Minor Earache USA 1991-1994 Thrash/Grind
GOREFUCK (ITA) Lust For Torture Coagulated Records 2004 Brutal Death
GUTTED (HUN) Defiled Eclipse 2001 Technical Death
HACAVITZ (MEX) Katun Moribund 2007 Death Metal
HERMAPHRODIT (CZE) Obrábìn a mnohonásobnì rozètvrcen v zaje Epidemie 1995-1999 Death/Grind
HORRID (ITA) - Rising From The Hidden Spheres - Xtreem Music 2006 - Death Metal
HYPNOS (CZE) The Revenge Ride Morbid Records 2001 Death Metal
IMPENDING DOOM (GER) Signum Of Hate Perverted Taste 1998 Death Metal
IMPIOUS (SWE) - The Killer - Karmageddon 2002 - Death/Thrash
JESUS ANAL PENETRATION / (AU) Jesus Anal Penetration / Oni (split) Dead By Dawn 2001 Death Metal
JONBENET RAMSEY (USA) - The Forsaken Porning Of Prepubescent ... - Latex Solar Beef 2003 - Death/Grind
KILLING SPREE (GER) - Choose And Decide - Morbid Records 2004 - Death Metal
MALIGNANT TUMOUR (CZE) Demo / Singles Collection '94-'98 Extremist Records 2002 Grindcore
MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM (CZE) Dreamkillers Epidemie 2004 Death Metal
MESRINE (CAN) I Choose Murder CAH Records 2005 Grindcore
MOURNING CARESS (GER) - Imbalance - Scarecrow/Arise 2002 - Melodic Death
MUNDANE (CAN) Seed Black Mark 1993-1995 Death Metal
NEEDFUL THINGS (CZE) - Dead Point - Khaaranus 2005 - Grindcore (Napalm Death-worship)
NOW NOISE, THE (GER) Raging Mad Insanity Morbid Records 1997 Death Metal
ORATEGOD (CHI) - Fall Slowly Until The Hell Abyss (reissue w/ bonus) - Concreto 2004-2006 - Brutal Death
PAPERCUT HOMICIDE (UK) - From Filth Comes Grace - Retribute 2003 - Technical Death/Grind
PROCAOS (MEX) Never Wake Up Concreto Records 2004 Melodic Death
PUNISHMENT(AT)/7TH NEMESIS (FR) - Chronicles of A Sickness (split) - Skull Fucked 2003 - Brutal Death/Grind
ROADSIDE BURIAL/CORPSICKL (AU) Bloodbinge/Unleashed In The Deceased Grindhead 2006 Death/Grind
ROTTEN COLD/HUMAN MASTICA (AT) Anthems For A Collapsing New World OrderReverb Production 2004 Grind/Death
SACRUM (USA) Mass Genocide Bottom Out Prod 1999 Death Metal
SANGUINARY (HOL) Gutted - The Final Assault Indie 2002 Brutal Death/Grind
SCHEITAN (SWE) Nemesis Century Media 1999 Melodic Death
SEEDS OF SORROW (AT) Final Blast Whoremouse Music 1995 Death Metal
SERMON (RUS) From Death To Death Indie 1998 Death Metal
SOULBURNER (MEX) When Sanity Is Lost Concreto 2006 Death/Grind
SOULQUAKE SYSTEM (SWE) Angry By Nature Black Mark 1996 Death Metal
SPINEGRINDER (USA) A Visual Symphony Of Horror Extremist 2001 Brutal Death/Grind
STONEGE (USA) Voyage Of Ageless Time Hellfire 2000 Progressive Death
STRATUZ (VEN) Spirit Seduction LSP Company 2000 Death Metal
TALES OF DARKNORD (RUS) Dismissed More Hate Prod 1999 Death Metal
TORN ASUNDER (USA) In Painful Remembrance Lifeless 1998 Death Metal
VARIOUS (CGMS) (---) United States Of Goregrind Coyote/Grindethic/Sevared 2005 Death/Grind
VARIOUS (---) Killing By The Sound (6 grind bands) Soulflesh Collector 2006 Grindcore
SABU/PEOPLE HATE/FIRING SQUAD Split CD Everydayhate 2004 Grind/Crust
VARIOUS (INLINE) (---) Pain Unlimited Vol. 1 (Gorement/etc.) Crypta/Inline 1994 Death/Thrash
VOMITORY (SWE) Redemption Pavement 1999 Death Metal
*VOMITORY (SWE) Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize Metal Blade 2007 Death Metal
WICKED INNOCENCE (USA) Worship Headfucker 1999 Death Metal
YOUR LAST WISH (CAN) Your Last Wish (Cryogenics 2007) Thrash/Death


ABORTUS (AU) - Judge Me Not - Indie 1999 - Thrash/Death
ABSENCE OF THE SACRED (SIN) - Atrocities That Birthed Abominations - Indie 2006 - Thrash/Death
BLOOD RED ANGEL (GER) - The Language Of Hate - Gutter 2000 - Thrash
BRICK BATH (USA) - I Won't Live The Lie - Pavement/Crash 2002 - Groove/Thrash
CHEMICAL BREATH (BEL) - Fatal Exposure - Crypta/Inline 1992-1994 - Thrash
DEAD MAN'S TALE (GRE) - Deadman's Tale - Indie 2002 - Power/Thrash
GUST OF ANGER (LAT) - Natural Hostility - Mausoleum 2002 - Thrash
HALLOWS EVE (USA) - Evil Never Dies - Xtreem Music 2006 - Thrash/Death
ICED EARTH (USA) - Days Of Purgatory (1 CD version) - Century Media 1997 - Speed/Thrash
LORE (GER) - Privat - Institute Of Art/Rawk 1997 - Thrash
LUNGBRUSH (USA) - Old School New School - Pavement 1999 - Power/Groove
METALLICA (USA) - Ride The Lightning - Elektra 1984 - Thrash
MIS.DIVINE (GER) - Angsttriaden - Institute Of Art/Rawk 1997 - Death/Thrash
NECRODEMON (USA) - Ice Fields Of Hyperion - Open Grave Records 2006 - Death/Thrash
OBLIVEON (CAN) - Carnivore Mothermouth - Hypnotic 1999 - Cyber Thrash
OSIVA (USA) - Clear - Institute Of Art 1997 - Meshuggah-like
PAINGOD (USA) - Paingod (ex-Raped Ape) - Century Media 1997 - Thrash
PANTERA (USA) - Far Beyond Driven - Atlantic/Eastwest 1994 - Power/Groove
POSTMORTEM (RUS) - The Call Of The Sea - More Hate Prod 1998 - Death/Thrash
POWER OF EXPRESSION (GER) - X-Territorial - Century Media 1995 - Death/Thrash
PREJUDICE (BEL) - Reality - Firebreath/T.E. 2001 - Thrash/Death
PYGMALION (HOL) - Among Squabs - Crypta Records 1994 - Melodic Thrash
SEPULTURA (BRA) - Territory - Roadrunner 1993 - Death/Thrash
SEPULTURA (BRA) - Against - Roadrunner 1998 - Metal
SISTHEMA (ITA) - The 4th Discontinuity - Noise 2001 - Cyber Thrash
SLAVERY (CHI) - Collapse - War Discos 1997 - Thrash
SPECKMANN PROJECT (USA) - Speckmann Project - Nuclear Blast 1991 - Thrash/Death (rare, decent trade only)
VARIOUS (INLINE) - Pain Unlimited Vol. 1 (Gorement/etc.) - Crypta/Inline 1994 - Death/Thrash


AIMLESS (GER) Dark Comes To Light Alister 1997 Gothic Metal
ALASTIS (SWI) Revenge Century Media 1998 Dark Metal
ALASTIS (SWI) Unity Century Media 2001 Dark Metal
AUTUMN (RUS) Chernye Krylia Stygian Crypt 2000-2005 Gothic/Doom
AUTUMNBLAZE (GER) Bleak Prophecy Prod 2000 Atmospheric Metal
BRONX CASKET Co., THE (USA) The Bronx Casket Co. Massacre 1999 Dark/Gothic Metal
CHARISMA (GER) Karma Massacre 1999 Atmospheric Metal
CRUEVO/BRAINOIL (USA) Split Boredom/Berserker 2001 Sludge/Doom
CUMDEO (RUS) The Threads Of Imagination Rest In Peace Prod 2000 Doom/Death
DAEONIA (HOL) Morphic Lands Candlelight 1997 Gothic/Doom
DARKSIDE (AT) Melancholia Of A Dying World System Shock 1994-1998 Doom/Death
DARKSIDE (AT) Shadowfields Pavement 1999 Doom/Death
DEATH SENTENCE (CZE) The World Despairs ... Leviathan 1997 Melodic Death/Doom
DEATH SENTENCE (CZE) Awaiting The Cinnamon Dawn Institute Of Art 1999 Melodic Death/Doom
DESIRE (FIN) Assembled Forever Noxious 1997 Gothic Metal
GALADRIEL (SVK) - World Under World - Metal Age Productions 2004 - Dark/Doom
GALLERY, THE (GER) Fateful Passion Hall Of Sermon 1998 Gothic Metal
GORESLEEPS (RUS) Far Away From Anywhere Else ... Metalagen 1997 Doom/Death
HIM (FIN) Greatest Lovesongs Vol.666 BMG/RCA 1998 Gothic Metal
HIM (FIN) Razorblade Romance BMG/RCA 1999 Gothic Metal
LEATHER NUN (USA) - All Your Kin - Psychodoomelic 2007 - Doom
LUNATIC GODS (SLO) Sitting By The Fire Metal Age 1998 Atmospheric Death/Doom
MASS, THE (CAN) Towards Darkness Great White North 2004 Sludge/Doom
MATUTINA NOCTEM (FRA) Anima Meam Adipocere 1997 Folk
MAXMILLION (USA) Maxmillion Retribute 2002 Sludge/Doom/Thrash
NOX MORTIS (GER) 7 Lies Prophecy Product 1999 Avant-Garde Gothic/Doom
OBERON (NOR) Oberon Prophecy 1995 Atmospheric
OLEMUS (GER) Psycho-Path Noise Art 1998 Gothic Metal
PANTHEIST (BEL) Amartia Firedoom 2005 Funeral Doom
RA (GER) Geniu Pustiu (Agathodaimon side-project) Codex Giga 1999 Gothic Metal
RAINBIRD (BLR) Poet's Blood Backfire 2006 Gothic/Doom Metal
RAVENDUSK (POL) Shadowcast Metal Age Prod 2002 Gothic Metal
SANITY (SLO) Midnight In A Rainy Heart Leviathan 2002 Doom Metal
URN (USA) Dancing With The Demigods Rotting Corpse Records 2006 Gothic Metal
VARIOUS (CM) (---) Out Of The Dark (Live) Century Media 1997 Dark Metal


ACRON (ITA) Labyrinth Of Fears Elevate/11th floor 1998 Progressive Metal
BLACK SYMPHONY (USA) Black Symphony Rising Sun 1998 Power/Prog
CASKET (GER) Tomorrow Serenades 1997 Progressive Metal
DARKSKY (ITA) Shadows Indie 1999 Prog/Power
DEIMOS (RUS) Never Be Awaken Wroth Emitter 2004 Heavy Metal
DEMON DAGGER (POR) Aftershock Recital Records 1999 Speed/Power
EIDOLON (CAN) Zero Hour (pro-CDR version) Genocide Records 1996 Speed/Power
ENGINE (USA) Engine Metal Blade 1999 Heavy Metal
ETERNA (BRA) The Gate Scarlet Records 2002 Power/Speed
FAITH NO MORE (USA) The Real Thing Slash Records 1989 Experimental Metal
HELLOWEEN (GER) Pink Bubbles Go Ape EMI Records 1991 Heavy/Power
HELLOWEEN (GER) If I Could Fly MCD Nuclear Blast 2000 Speed/Power
HOLY DRAGONS (RUS) Gotterdammerung Metalism 2003 Speed/Power
LEVIATHAN (USA) Riddles, Questions, Poetry & Outrage Century Media 1996 Power/Prog Metal
LOST EDEN (CAN) Hidden Reflections Indie 2001 Prog Power/Thrash
MERCURY TIDE (GER) Why? Century Media 2003 Heavy/Power Metal
MONSTER VOODOO MACHINE (USA) Suffersystem GUN/BMG 1994 Heavy Metal
MOORE, GARY (UK) Dancin' Delta Music 1984-1999 Guitar hero
NEWBREED (POL) - If I Were The Rain - Foreshadow Prod 2005 - Progressive Metal
PSYCHOSIS (USA) Squirm Massacre/Lonely 1993 Power Metal
RADAKKA (USA) Malice And Tranquility Century Media 1995 Heavy Metal
SHOCK FACTOR (GER) Reality Big Store Records 1993 Progressive Metal
SHOGGOTH (ITA) Combination Elevate Records 1998 Prog/Power
SILENT EXILE (CAN) Dancing With Death Naivlys Music 2000 Progressive Metal
SIN ON SKIN (CAN) Introspection Of A Dark Soul Indie 1998 Power Metal
SKREW (USA) Angel Seed XXIII Metal Blade 1997 Indus Metal
SPECTER (RUS) Images Of The Innocent Metalagen 1999 Progressive Metal
SPEED (USA) Powertrip Pigs Massacre 1999 Heavy/Speed
SPELLDOWN (CAN) Damnation From The Highest Point Indie 1999 Power/Heavy
SPIN (MAL) Cell 46 Indie 2002 Industrial Metal
SUNDOWN (SWE) Glimmer Century Media 1999 Progressive Metal
SYRINX (FRA) Crystal Cliffs Season Of Mist 2000 Progressive Metal
STORMHAMMER (GER) Fireball Century Media 2000 Power Metal
TRINITY (GER) Born Indie 1998 Power Metal
VARIOUS (CM) (n/a) Identity I (original German version) Century Media 1995 Compilation
VARIOUS (NOISE) (---) Louder Than Words (Elegy/Shihad/etc.) Noise 1996 Metal
VIGILANTE (JAP) Chaos-Pilgrimage Massacre 1999 Heavy/Power
WARRIOR SOUL (USA) Chill Pill Geffen 1993 Metal


$400 SUITS (GER) Never Give What You Can't Take Back Century Media 1997 Crossover
454 BIG BLOCK (USA) Your Jesus Century Media 1995 Hardcore
AGNOSTIC FRONT (USA) To Be Continued - The Best Of Kingfisher 1992-1999 Hardcore
ANFALL (GER) Feuer, Eis & Energie Century Media 2000 German Hardcore
BAD BRAINS TRIBUTE (---) Never Give In - Tribute To Bad Brains Century Media 1999 Hardcore/Crossover
BOILER (GER) You'll Never Be Upfront Rotor/SPV 1993 Crossover
BREACH (SWE) Friction Burning Heart 1995 Swedish HC
CHUM (USA) Dead To The World Century Media 1996 Hardcore
CRACKDOWN (USA) Rise Up Diehard 1998 NYC Metalcore
DIMPLE MINDS (GER) Der Maurer Und Der Koenig Steamhammer 1988-1990 German Punk
GRAVEYARD RODEO (USA) Sowing Discord In The Haunts Of Man Century Media 1993 Crossover
HOSTILITY (USA) Brick Century Media 1995 Metalcore
KALEL (USA) Lolita Kingfisher 2001 NYC Hardcore
MERAUDER (USA) Five Deadly Venoms Century Media 1999 Hardcore/Speed
MY OWN VICTIM (USA) Burning Inside Century Media 1995 Hardcore
MY OWN VICTIM (USA) No Voice, No Rights, No Freedom Century Media 1997 Hardcore
MY OWN VICTIM (USA) The Weapon Kingfisher 1998 Hardcore
NOIZOME GROOVE (USA) Plastic Revelation Indie 1997 Hardcore/Crossover
SKATENIGS (USA) Stupid People Shouldn't Breed Megaforce 1992 Hardcore
STUCK MOJO (USA) HVY1 Century Media 1999 Metal
STUCK MOJO (USA) Violate This Century Media 2001 Metal
SUBZERO (USA) Happiness Without Peace Century Media 1997 Hardcore
VEIL (GER) Words Against Nothing Kingfisher 1998 Hardcore
VERBAL ABUSE (USA) Red, White And Violent Century Media 1995 Crossover


COOPER. ALICE (USA) Feed My Frankenstein Sony/Epic 1992 Hard Rock
FASTWAY (UK) Bad Bad Girls Enigma/Legacy 1990 Hard Rock
JUGHEAD'S REVENGE (USA) Elimination Do It! Records 1994 Punk
K.D.A. (GER) Jesusatan Institute Of Art 1997 Marylin Manson-like
RIPCORDZ (CAN) - Is That A Squeegee In Your Pocket ... - Underworld/Enguard 1998 - Punk
SOULFLY (BRA) Soulfly Roadrunner 1998 Nu-Metal
TRUNK (CAN) Beaned Up Polkas Black Mark/Raw Energy 1996 Punk
TUMOR CIRCUS (USA) Tumor Circus Alternative Tentacles 1991 Rock/Punk

SLEEVE PROMOS (2 or 3 for 1 regular CD)

DARE (UK) Beneath The Shining Water (promo) Legend/MTM Records 2004 Melodic Rock
DR. DEATH (GER) Preapocalyptic Visions Disaster 199? Metal
ENDART (GER) For Promotion 2/1996 Indie 1996 Death Metal
GLOOMY GRIM (NOR) Blood, Monsters, Darkness (promo) Holy Records 1998 Dark Metal
GOD FORBID (USA) Determination (promo) Century Media 2001 Thrash
HEFEYSTOS (POL) Hefeystos (promo) Last Episode 1996 Gothic Metal
HELICON (GER) Helicon (promo) Noise 1993 Heavy/Power
HELL WITHIN (USA) Shadows Of Vanity (promo) Lifeforce 2007 Metalcore
NIGHT CONQUERS DAY (USA) Rebellion Is The Art Of Survival (promo)Hammerheart 1999 Black Metal
SCHEITAN (SWE) Berzerk 2000 Invasion 1998 Death/Black
SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE (JAP) Fighting To Survive (Promo) Storm Force 2004 Hard Rock/Heavy
SOULFLY (BRA) Seek 'N' Strike (Promo) Roadrunner 2002 Nu-Metal
SWAN CHRISTY (GRE) Today Died Yesterday (promo) Black Lotus 1999 Gothic Metal
THRONED (ITA) Watching The Lands Of Purity (Demo CD-R)Black Tears 1997 Black Metal
TRISTITIA (GER) The Last Grief (Promo) Holy Records 2000 Doom


ALMOST HUMAN (SWI) Almost Human Indie 1997 Metal
ANNIHILATOR (CAN) Criteria For A Black Widow (cheap Russian boot) 1999 Speed/Thrash
APOLOGY (USA) Pass You By Lost & Found 1988 Punkish Rock
BURST (SWE) Shadowcaster Melon/Birdnest 1996 Hardcore
CHILDREN OF BODOM (FIN) Hatebreeder (cheap Russian boot) 1998 Power/Melodic Death
CLINCHER (HOL) That's The Way Your Own Songs 1995 Metal
CROSSBREED (FRA) The Stamp Of Hate Indie 2000
DOWNFALL (FRA) Meine Selbstzerstorung Drama & Sin/Autumn Prod 200?
FREAKY FUKIN WEIRDOZ (GER) Senseless Wonder BMG Ariola/RCA 1992 Metal
FREAKY FUKIN WEIRDOZ (GER) Culture Shock Enjoy/Semaphore 1995 Metal
FREAKY FUKIN WEIRDOZ (GER) Hula! Facedown 1998 Metal
GOUGH (GER) Hosianna Mindfuck Institute Of Art/Rawk 1997Metal/Grunge
INCURED (SWI) Stand As One Prawda 1999 Swiss Hardcore
INFECTED (COL) Infected Revolucion 1997
ISOLATED (GER) Better Days Indie 1996 Hardcore
ISOLATED (GER) Go! Indie 200? Hardcore
JINGO DE LUNCH (GER) Deja Voodoo Phonogram/Vertigo 1994 Hard Rock
MARIONETTES, THE (UK) Book Of Shadows Mephisto's Mob 1992 Hard Rock
MEGALOMANIAX (GER) Information Overload Polydor 1992 Hardcore/Punk
MOTHER KINGDOM (SWI) Paranowhere Transit 1999
NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE (FRA) Near Death Experience Rawk 1998 Industrial Metal
NEVER KNOWN (ITA) On The Edge Of Forever Eibon Records 2000
NEXUSSEIS (SPA) Four Seconds To Die Iberian Moon 1999
NIHIL (FRA) 1:00 am So What Productions 2000 Hard Rock/Metal
POROSITY OF MIND (GER) Disconnected Raiser Music 1999 Metal
RISE (UK) Jack RPN Records 1993 Hard Rock
SLUTFREAK (GER) Slutfreak Indie 1997 German Punk
TRAN SPUNK (BEL) Champagne Pigs Hautregard/Urban 1996 Metal
VARIOUS (MF) (---) State Of Independents '95 Manifesto 1995 Hardcore