AOR/Heavy/Power/Prog/Thrash Trade list + Want list

Oct 19, 2008
Dear friends,

I have a bunch of great indies (mainly) for trade. I would consider any SERIOUS offer, please don't offer Krom for Aggressor, ok? I'm focused to find first the items from my main want list. If you have nothing from there then try with the other wants or any other US metal album you'd like to suggest. All cds are originals & in excellent (or better) condition. Please send your offers, thoughts etc. via pm as I would like to use the thread for possible updates. Thanks in advance.

Main wants :

Blackkout (US-FL) - Ignorance Of Man (1989) - TAPE [/found]
Crillson (US-AK) - Coming Of A New Age (1993)
Near Infinity (US-WA) - Perceptions (1993)
Near Infinity (US-WA) - Liquid Black (1995)
Sortilege (Fra) - Metamorphosis (Steamhammer/ Spv Series) [English version] [not the Greek Bootleg]
Stormbringer (US-CO) - As Darkness Reigns (1993)
Stormbringer (US-IL) - Stealer Of Souls (1993) - TAPE [/found]
Stormbringer (US-IL) - S/T (E.P, 1994)
Uncertain Future (US-MO) - Shock The System (1993)

Other wants :

Advocate (US-CO) - Exigency (EP, 1992)
Arcane (US-TX) - Ambiguity (E.P, 1994) [/found]
Gauntlet (US-IL) - Revelation (1996)
Grip (US-MA) - Grip (1994) [/found]
Hyperion (Aus) - Primal Storm (E.P, 1996) [/found]
Jaded Reign (US-NY) - Tangled In The Shadows (1995) [/found]
Knobby Lowboy (US-NV) - Butterfly (1996) [/found]
Krom (US-IL) - Krom (1994) [/found]
Leviathen (US-PA) - Onward Thru The Fog (1993)
Metal Wolf (US-VA) - Out For The Kill (1993)
Omegacell (US-OH) - Omegacell (1998)
Oracle (US-NC) - Selah (1992)
Retribution (US-FL) - No Peace On Earth (E.P, 1994) [/found]
Ruff Justice (US-TX) - No Justice No Peace (1995) [/found]
Rolen (US-TN) - Rolen & The Unexplained (1999) [/found] - official cd-r
Third Degree (US-NY) - Life On The Outside (1994)
Visitör (US-CA) - Visitör (1993) [/found]


ADVOCATE (US-NJ) - WORLD WITHOUT END (INDIE MCD, 1995) - US Power metal with guts! [/gone]
AGGRESSOR (US-TX) - BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY (INDIE, 1992) - Hyper-rare US metal masterpiece [/gone]
ALLEQUINCE (HOL) - VERTICAL HORIZONS (INDIE MCD, 1991) - Mega rare Dutch Heavy metal the band is not even listen on M-A
ALTERED MOVES TWO (HOL) - SHIFTER OF MINDS (INDIE, 1992) - Great technical metal
ANNON VIN (GER) - HIGHER SPHERES (INDIE MCD, 1993) - Very good progressive indie
APOCALYPSE (US-MI) - REWIND (INDIE, 1998) - Great follow-up by the prog band with the s/t from 1994 [/gone]
BAGHEERA (HOL) - SILENCE AT ROMNEY MARSH (INDIE, 1991) - very qualitative prog not like the disappointing full-length...
BAY LEAF (GER) - NOAH'S ARK PROJECT (INDIE, 1998) [Official CD-R] - German heavy metal
BAY LEAF (GER) - THE HOME OF THE GODS (INDIE, 1999) [Official CD-R] - German heavy metal
BIG HEAT (AUT) - GRAND OMINOUS DREAMS (INDIE, 1995) - No words for one of the best Austrian bands EVER [/on hold]
BOIXOS NOIS (US-MD) - S/T (NO LABEL, 1995) - Power/thrash
CLAUDE ZIRCLE (US-NY) - FEEL THE GREEN (INDIE, 1994) - Mega rare Heavy metal indie
COLORBLIND (SWE) - S/T (INDIE, 1995) - Good Thrash metal indie with Pantera influences
CREATURE OF HABIT (US-PA) - ENDANGERED SPECIES (INDIE, 1996) - Awesome Queensryche indie [/on hold]
CRIMENY (US-TX) - PEAT (SHRAPNEL, 1994) - Shred. some prog touches, some modern passes, difficult to describe
DAKTAL (US-MI) - THE CHOSEN (INDIE, 1996) - Great traditional Heavy metal! [/on hold]
DAMNATION (GER) - S/T (INDIE, 1993) - Very rare heavy/thrash the band is not even listen on M-A -go leechers! [/gone]
DECEIVER (GER-Wesel) - TALES OF TIME (BATTERY, 1994) - Strong heavy metal in the collectible Battery records
DETRITUS (UK) - IF BUT FOR ONE (R.E.X., 1993) - 2nd album of that great Christian UK Thrash band!
DOOMSDAY S.O.S. (FRA) - CONDITIONED (DOOMS MCD, 1997) - Thrash metal
FIRST STRIKE (US-NM) - S/T (INDIE, 1995) - First class Queensryche indie - recommended for any Geoff Tate's follower!! [/gone]
FREEWILL (US-WI) - PROGRESSIVE REGRESSION (INDIE, 1998) - Fantastic Power/Prog quite technical in parts
ICRI'S WITCH (US-CA) - IN FOR THE KILL (INDIE, 1995) - Hyper-rare heavy metal indie, female vocals [/gone]
I DESPISE (US-NY) - S/T (INDIE, 1996) - NY heavy metal quite modern in parts
IMAGINE (GER) - THE LAST SUNSET (INDIE, 1998) - good German heavy metal
INNER STRENGTH (US-NY) - SHALLOW REFLECTIONS (INSTITUTE ARTS, 1993) - Awesome Power/Prog essential for any fan of the genre!
INSANITY (CAN) - SCREAM OF SCHIZOPHRENIA (INDIE, 1995) - rare Canadian heavy metal
INTO ANOTHER (US-NY) - S/T (WE BITE RECORDS, 1992) - heavy metal
KATAGORY V (US-UT) - PRESENT DAY (INDIE, 2001) - Awesome Power/Prog with great vocals, 1st & best release of that band [/gone]
KRELL (US-VA) - S/T (INDIE, 1994) - Impossible to describe metal!
LEVIATHAN (US-CO) - RIDDLES, QUESTIONS, POETRY & OUTRAGE (CORROSIVE RECORDS, 1996) [US VERSION] - One of the best prog bands ever [/gone]
LOCKJAW (US-NC) - S/T (SRI, 1996) - Power metal with doom touches quite unique
LORD BANE (US-MA) - AGE OF ELEGANCE (NORDIC METAL, 1994) - Great Power/prog, essential! [/gone]
LOST EDEN (CAN) - HIDDEN REFLECTIONS (INDIE, 2001) - Fantastic Canadian Power/thrash with awesome vocals! [/gone]
MACHINERY (US-CT) - IMPULSES OF AGGRESSION (6 CYLINDER RECORDS, 1994) - Very good Queensryche indie [/on hold]
MAJESTER (CAN) - MISGUIDED FAITH (INDIE, 1992) - First Class hyper-rare Canadian thrash!
MAJESTER (CAN) - TAKEN FOR GRANTED (INDIE, 1994) - Very good death metal indie by the same band with different singer
MANIAC WITHIN (AUT) - VOLUME ONE (DEIN REICH, 1997) - mid-tempo power/thrash
MANIFEST DESTINY (US-OK) - WHAT YOU FEAR (A-B-S, 1997) - Thrash metal
MANITOU (NOR) - ENTRANCE (MIND THE GAP, 1995) - Great & qualitative prog metal [/gone]
MARSHALL LAW (AUSTR.) - S/T (INDIE MCD, 1995) - Mega rare heavy metal indie
MASTER'S CHILD (CHE) - DISTAND THUNDER (BATTERY, 1992) - Swiss heavy with female vocals in the collectible Battery Records
MILES BEYOND (US-MI) - S/T (ROCK REVOLUTION, 2006) - 2nd press of that great -influenced by Maiden- indie!
MISERY (US-CA) - THE POWER OF PAIN (INDIE, 1994) - US thrash metal indie like Exodus etc. the band is not even listen on M-A
MORTAL BOUNDARIES (??) - S/T (Indie, ????) - Rock
NO INNER LIMITS (GER) - BALANCE (INDIE MCD, 1995) - Fantastic US hmmm I mean German power/prog with awesome vocals, essential!
OVERTURE (US-LA) - S/T (INDIE OFFICIAL CD-R, 1999) - The Power/Progsters not the Deathsters from LA, one of the best demo bands ever!
RAISING CAIN (US-CA) - HELL ON EARTH (CELESTIAL E.P, 1994) - Killer US Power metal
RAISING CAIN (US-CA) - CRUSADE '96 (CELESTIAL, 1996) - Awesome US Power metal, recommended!
RESISTENCE (GER) - PAIN & PLEASURE (INDIE MCD, 1995) - Progressive metal
SWEET LITTLE SISTERS (S.L.S.) (GER) - TOO LATE FOR EXCUSES (INDIE MCD, 1995) - Hyper-rare aor indie!
SYNERGETIC DIVERSITY (GER) - GALLERY (INDIE, 1995) - good & rare prog metal the band is later known as Destiny Dreaming [/gone]
TANGENT PLANE (GER) - S/T (INDIE MCD, 1996) - Very good progressive metal with keys
TE DEUM (GER) - S/T (INDIE, 1996/7) - Rare German Heavy metal
TERRA COTTA (CAN) - S/T (INDIE, 1996) - Very good Canadian heavy metal
TERRA COTTA (CAN) - INHUMAN (INDIE, 2000) - Rare death metal by the same band not even listed on M-A
THE AWAKENING (US-OH) - INVICTUS (INDIE, 1995) - Great Power metal, essential!
THE BURNING CAGE (US-NY) - S/T (INDIE, 1996) - Hyper-rare US aor indie!
TWELFTH HOUR (CAN) - A NEW BELIEF (INDIE, 1996) - rare Canadian indie
VIRTUAL (HOL) - LANGUAGE OF MACHINES (F.A. Records, 1996) - Awesome technical metal ala Watchtower, rare!
WICKED LESTER (US-OH) - BETTER OFF DEAD (INDIE, 1998) - rare dark US power metal

Thanks for looking!
Found :

Stormbringer (US-IL) - Stealer Of Souls (1993) - TAPE

Arcane (US-TX) - Ambiguity (E.P, 1994)
Arson (US-CA) - Speak No Evil (1994)
Jaded Reign (US-NY) - Tangled In The Shadows (1995)
Justice (US-TN) - Counting Down (1992)
Knobby Lowboy (US-NV) - Butterfly (1996)
Retribution (US-FL) - No Peace On Earth (E.P, 1994)

Send pms for the others, thanks!

Ruff Justice (US-TX) - No Justice No Peace (1995)

A small update, added a few more titles some else are gone.

Please send your offers for the other titles!

Thanks for looking!