Good day, pusscake.
Apr 16, 2002
The desert.
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Ok, don't know you, but I caught your title and signature in a thread and it blew me away. The mighty Dawn is BACK??

I'm curious as to what else you might know... Are they really active and working on new material?

Where's Tångmark?

Is there any more activity with Choir of Vengeance? I never saw a release other than that homemade disc they put out in '95, but I got a bunch of 2000/later demo tracks from Lars a few years back and there were some wicked songs (they didn't have names at the time yet though...). Sadly, I've lost those mp3's as well :erk:

Anyway, sorry about the fuss, but I tend to notice things regarding the band who put out the greatest CD ever created (Slaughtersun...), I thought they were done for good.

Cheers :kickass:
slaughtersun was amazing, check the site though man, im not totally sure, i think it says about them reforming on front page though