EVILE - Hell Demo on Ebay

I want All Hallows Eve. If that shows up im buying it.
I'll sell you mine for 1000 pounds.

I wouldn't sell either, both good CDs. My All hallows eve was given to be by Matt and Ol's dad, when i started DJing years ago. Its just a blank CD with the propper case.

I really think the guys from evile should get a few copies of each demo reprinted and then flog them on ebay. They would make a fair bit of cash for themselves.
I would love a copy of the All Hallow's Eve EP..

I would probably be willing to pay a fair whack for one too.. If the opportunity ever arises of course.

Oh and, I wouldnt sell my copy of the Hell Demo.
Oh, I already own the tracks.. :lol: and yes, it is pretty shit compared to the newer material.

I would still like to own an original copy of it though, im a geek like that..