Evile - The Unknown


Damned in Flames
Nov 13, 2010
Thoughts on the new Evile album? After repeated listens I am coming to appreciate it. I miss the all out thrashers of Enter the Grave and Five Serpents Teeth but appreciate that Ol has improved his vocals and written some good songs. I rank it in the middle of Evile discography and see myself returning to listen to it more often than Infected Nations or Hell Unleashed.
I was just listening to it yesterday, actually. My opinion on it hasn't really changed much. I like it a lot more than Hell Unleashed. I love the slower, groovy riffs the album has and Ol's growth as a vocalist is STAGGERING. He sounds amazing!

Definitely isn't Five Serpent's Teeth or Infected Nations or Enter the Grave, but I probably rank it at about the same level as Skull.

Favorite song is probably When Mortal Coils Shed.