Fantasy soccer anyone?


I'm probably gonna keep my team the same for the whole season, just to see what happens with it. Plus, I don't know if I can be arsed with too many changes... :p
I changed Rooney for Heskey.

not the greatest decision in the world but methinks his form due for an upturn if he wants to keep his Liverpool and England place
Week 2 standings:

1 Not-in-them Forest 140.72
2 Drunken Picks 139.90
3 West Kollex Albion 114.02
4 Barovia Sluts 97.91
5 Maetnikufesin 94.95
6 Tricolor 91.74
7 Smorgasbord IF 74.49
8 Monkey-eating Chimps 65.66
9 Manchester Blast 39.06
Urge to laugh... rising..... :p

I was incredibly lucky, I just happened to add Bartlett this week and he scored twice. :D
Week 3 standings heading into today's games:

1 Not-in-them Forest 184.80
2 Drunken Picks 169.42
3 Maetnikufesin 133.47
4 Barovia Sluts 133.14
5 West Kollex Albion 113.06
6 Tricolor 104.69
7 Smorgasbord IF 87.47
8 Monkey-eating Chimps 79.09
9 Manchester Blast 39.88

Rusty's got a sizable lead already, I think one of us is going to have to take him out :D
And Owen scored twice today. :D But don't worry, I'm sure I'll manage to stuff up sometime soon, I always do. ;)