Farewell, ppl



This is my first and last post on the new board. I just hate it when the threads are displayed in messy columns and you have to spend hours looking for all the new posts. Just like what is called "new metal", some seem to confuse evolution with improvement, or then in a Microsoft kind of way. And I don't need those corny smileys to express myself. But anyway.
I wanted to thank all the Neverheads I shared thougths with and got info from over the last months. I'll soon get some Arch Enemy, and Dimmu Borgir CD's.
And F&L, check out The Exploited if you haven't already. "Punks not Dead" and "The Massacre" are classics.
See you on the other side.

np - Virgin Steele "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, I"

The Watchman
Dammit, I thought resurrecting 3 year old dead threads was MY forte!!!
There was once a guy who used to post here named Poet, who was a big Emperor fan. Sometime, a few months after Emperor disbanded, I resurrected a thread about "Emperor's new album" (which became Prometheus) and he went apeshit, "OMG EMPORER HAS A NEW ALUBM!!!!" It was funny.