Favorite Thign To Do While Listening To Bodom (or metal in general)

rythmically shake my head back and forth more or less harshly depending on the feelings that i get from the song at the moment...

for ex. when i put on Painkiller i swear i could squeeze my brain out through my ears from the banging...
and some other times i'm doing something else so i just absently rock my head back and forth :)
loWildChild said:
Hey malice_vamp, should I check that band in your signature???? Tell me a bit about them, plz ;)

yeah u should...Shadow hail from japan and as u can see, the growler is a chick...ive seen a lot of good reviews of their album and id been listening to their album almost everyday for the past 9 months...anyhow u can dl one of their tracks here http://www.uraniummusic.com/music/reviews/shadow_arrival.mp3

*remember to right click and save target as*

I simply listen to it, trying to focus on the music. My contentration must be full to let me enjoy the music.
If theres a radios pop music played I read sth or just not play a big attention to it
I'm not necessarily sure that I have a favorite thing to do when I listen to metal...BUT, metal does tend to motivate me to clean my apartment, hehe. I also like to listen to metal when I am cooking, surfing the interent, driving in my car...well hell, I guess I can't live without it!:D
r0x0r, die Finnen kommen.... die Rübe wird abgeschraubt!!!

Yeah Im talking german... and I dont give a shit... hahahahaha fuck you
and Im not even listening to Metal right now