Former guitarist Marc Hanson back in Katagory V; Pre-production complete!


C-C-Cool Beans!!!
so how long has it been since there has been any news...? Well, hopefully some of you will like this update, I know I do. Taken from our wbsite!

Katagory V bassist Dustin Mitchell has issued a statement regarding the recent departure of guitarist Darrin Goodman and the return of former guitarist, Marc Hanson.

"It is with regret that I have to announce the departure of guitarist Darrin Goodman shortly after completing our pre-production sessions, Darrin had decided that due to personal obligations outside of the band, that it would be both in his and the bands best interest to leave Katagory V. We would like to wish him luck in his future endeavors.

"Rest assured this slight personnel change will not undermine the bands current progress. Returning to Katagory V to help with the live aspect of the band, as well as possibly participating on the new album, is former guitarist Marc Hanson, who appeared on the bands last two efforts “The Rising Anger” and “Hymns of Dissension”. Marc and I got together recently and talked about Katagory V past and present and enjoyed a bit of nostalgia, jammed a few riffs ideas and old songs, and then I let him listen to the new Katagory V material. It was at this point that he expressed extreme interest in participating in Katagory V once again. Although Marc's current band SuperSoFar ( which also featured Jonni Lightfoot of Starbreaker) keeps him rather busy; he has decided the time is right, and agreed to come back to Katagory V and shred once again! The guitar chemistry between Marc and Kris (Krompel) is absolutely amazing, and is sure to bring the live aspect of the band up several notches.


"I'm sure it is becoming very cumbersome and frustrating for everyone out there, especially for myself, being that there is still no new material on display or even a new album after two years, and the revolving door of guitarists seems to keep spinning and hindering the progress. However, that is not the case now. Pre-production is in fact complete, we will be playing live at the beginning of the year, we will start tracking the new album in March 2010, and… we will be uploading and posting clips of new Katagory V songs, as well as revealing the title of the new album in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!"

I'm so frustrated with you, Dustin. Your band makes me frustrated. Especially your singer. Tell him to stop being dumb. And stop trying to spy on him in the shower, you perv. :p

But in all seriousness, I certainly get secondhand frustration thanks to Al, and I empathize. It seems like Kat-V is cursed when it comes to that second guitar player slot. Which is a shame, because I believe the new material will definitely get people's attention, and when that happens, I think you'll have a couple previous guitar players who will be sorry they didn't stick it out.
I believe the new material will definitely get people's attention, and when that happens, I think you'll have a couple previous guitar players who will be sorry they didn't stick it out.
Amen sister!!!
I for one am abosultely beside myself with the "offical" news of Marc's return. Marc and I had a chance to jamm with Dustin one time back just before Darrin made his short stent in the band. I thought we had some Awesome chemistry. His riff ideas were exactly what I thought we needed. The timing then did not line up, and though I really like Darrin and what he offered to the band, I can't help but admit that I was a little disapointed that Marc couldn't do it then. A week or two ago when we got together with him to test the waters I can't explaing the feeling that the four of us had jamming the set list together. The Pieces just fit..... Even though Marc had not played some of the songs in 2 years and some others ever. He meshed right in, and I'll tell you what! He and Kris together will be a force to reckon with! I cannot even express my excitement to in just over a month from now get on stage and kill it with these guys! It has been over a year since I been on stage and I feel like I have been on a year long fast and need to Indulge myself. I guess Im not allowed to release the date time and place of our next show because it has not been officially released, It is however booked...... So I will not have to go much longer!
Matt "Bizzaro" LeFevre
I am very much still cursed! Muah ha ha ha!
Lets hope the curse is over for at least a little while, I don't know if I could handle having another guitar change at least until after this album makes it out!
First off, I apologize a million times over for not commenting on this thread sooner. I've put a lot on my plate this last month, and I haven't spent a lot of time online. Between rehearsing for and performing at a benefit show with a one-time-only band, learning the Zephaniah set for New Year's Eve, working on material with my new power-doom band, and continuing to learn Katagory V songs, I've had very little time for myself, let alone the forum. Rest assured that I'll be posting here more regularly once this year comes to an end.

With that out of the way, I would like to welcome Marc back to the band. I always enjoyed his contributions to the band in the past, and based on the conversations I've had with Dustin and Bizarro, it looks like the band's chemistry is better than ever. Pretty soon, I'll get to witness the fun firsthand! I'm looking forward to it!

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