Former MYRKSKOG member starts DISIPLIN


there are no words left
Aug 30, 2001
Oslo, Norway
General Kashatriya (also known as Savant M) quit the Norwegian death metal band Myrkskog after their ”Deathmachine” release. He has now started the band Disiplin, and already released the mini-CD “Vama Marga”.

In addition to General Kshatriya on guitar and bass, you will get Zyklon’s very own Trym on drums, MK Ultra (Formerly in Deathsquad) on guitars and vox plus Gestalt KON (formerly in Odium and Desiderium) handling the electronica.

The band is currently without a record-deal, but they are working on their new album entitled “Titan Imperia The Age of Iron”. Samples from the band’s mini-CD can be found on the band’s website.

Official Disiplin website: