Free GloryHammer Kick and Snare

Lasse Lammert

HCAF Blitzkrieg
Feb 12, 2009
I've just updated all the links to my drum sample packs (owners: please re-download for the latest versions in about 3 hours)....
Today I've added the Gloryhammer kick and snaredrum, and I figured I'd release a free version of them as well...

limitations: these are only the TCIs (no wavs), also are there not multiple hits, but just one per velocity/articulation, that's of course not perfect for 100% replacement, but it should be enough if you just wanna add a flavour to your mic'd track or so (owners of my samples will of course receive multiple hits per velocity/articulation for both wav and TCI formats, as always).

The snare in this free version has soft, medium, hard and rim hits, one sample each.
The kick comes in 4 different articulations (to be chosen within Trigger), all of them with plenty of top end slap to bite through a dense metal mix:
Chunky: The most natural sounding of the 4, big, chunky, modern, tight low end
Power: lots of low end and high end smack, a great modern metal kick
Fast: like Power, but with reduced low end for fast double kick sections (avoids bass freq buildup)
Click: higher click, less low end, perfect for blending with mic tracks or duller sounding samples, might be too clicky on their own for some styles (but great for black metal etc).

here's the link to the TCIs:

GloryHammer Kick And Snare, Free Edition

Again: to everyone who purchased my samples (kicks, snares or complete drums), make sure to re-download your link for the latest additions, including multisamples of the GloryHammer kick and snare.
the new links will be live in 3 hours.

If you haven't bought my samples yet, you can do that here:
thanks man. so if i dont have trigger, there is no option to use the free samples right? i mean, to work with the TCIs