This is mainly aimed at other engineers who want to sub out their editing work to another professional but of-course my services are open to anyone who's interested. I've clocked up a lot of time gridding metal drums in particular so if you've got a few sessions of daunting drums that you want a quick turn around on get in touch.

Naturally I also do mixing / mastering / re-amping too if you're interested but I understand that there are a lot of people on here offering those services too so shop around ;)

Here are some metal drums that I’ve edited to the grid that also had multiple bpm changes per song: Drum Edit Showreel.mp3?dl=0

Price is: £50 per hour, I’ll give you an estimate of how long it will take me after hearing the material and once we agree we can begin.

If it's a 3min regular straight 8 rock song that just needs tightening up i'll probably crack it out in 25 - 40mins pending the performance.

If it's a 5 minute cacophony of blast beats and complex fills it'll probably take me an hour - maybe more depending on quality of recording based on bleed and performance.

Any questions get in touch!