1. Nammtharicon

    Speakers Shootout: Celestion V30 vs WGS Reaper HP

    Hi guys! Made some tests comparing UK Celestion Vintage 30 (Marshall voiced) to WGS Reaper HP in my Engl 2x12. Again our beloved theme from Holy Diver. :D Tell me what do you think about it!
  2. T

    trouble re-amping

    hi all, i am having some trouble re-amping, i record my di track through a Radial J48 into my Presonus studio 26c interface. I route my di track in mono to line out 3, connected to my radial PRO-RMP reamp box. I boost the di track by +8dB. It comes through the amp but it doesnt have the...
  3. P

    Free mixing for building portfolio

    Hi guys! This is my first thread on this forum so I hope this is the right spot for a topic like this. I'd like to offer my mixing/mastering services to any band or musician here. I'm just starting out with my studio and since the metal scene where I live is scarce, I'd like to start building...
  4. Nammtharicon

    Deviant Syndrome new EP (melo-prog-tech-death)

    Hey there! Mixed and mastered by me, guitars were reamped through Mesa Boogie Dual Rec Rev.G with Mesa Boogie 2x12 cab and sm57 mics. Drums are all natural with some kick/snare/toms samples :D
  5. DevelopDevice

    How to reamping existing DI with Fractal AX8 and Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 (2Gen)

    Maybe it can help someone. Cheers!
  6. svarry

    EMG 85 + Scarlett 2nd gen, DI box is necessary for pro sound ?

    Hi all, I've been running around for several months to see if my studio setup has any missing elements for a good sound. Currently EMG85 is plug direct into the scarlett 2nd gen audio card, and I'm not sure what I'm getting, yes, there is a strong background noise signal, even if the guitar...
  7. Nammtharicon

    Mixing/Mastering/Reamping/Editing Services

    Hi guys! My name is George Shchelbanin, I'm offering remote mixing, mastering, reamping and editing services for all kinds of rock and metal bands and musicians. Current rate is $200 per song (including reamping). PM me here or at the links below. Reamping equipment at the moment: Heads: Mesa...
  8. Nikolas Quemtri

    Metalcore/Post-Hardcore song mixed

    Hey, Have recently mixed this song for a practice, so would like to know your opinions/crits! Thanks! :kickass:
  9. Yass_Saracens

    Covers Production: Behemoth, Metallica & W.A.S.P

    Hi, I share with you 3 new covers of 3 different genres that I Reamped, Mixed and Mastered. Feel free to give me your feedbacks. And if you want to listen to more covers, please visit my website. Behemoth - Ov Fire and The Void Metallica - Battery W.A.S.P - Wild Child Thanks and stay...
  10. Nammtharicon

    Heads & Cabs Metal Comparison: Engl 2x12 vs Mesa Boogie 2x12

    Hi there! Check out my latest test of 5 heads and 2 cabs including Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, Engl Powerball 2, Peavey 5150, Krank Krankenstein, Marshall 8100 through Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2x12 and Engl 2x12. Engl cab is loaded with Chinese Celestion Vintage 30 and Mesa Boogie cab with British...
  11. Yass_Saracens

    Offering a FREE full production

    Hello, To help Unsigned and Underground Rock & Metal bands, Y.O Prod produces the first song of your band FOR FREE! This offer includes: recording, reamping, mixing, mastering and designing your logo FOR FREE! Visit our Website and let's get in touch:
  12. DIYistkrieg

    (g)rate my mix

    Hey guys, how you doing? I made a cool "experiment" last year: I built a DIY subkick with an 8'' random speaker (and it works really well), then I thought about using it as a "guitar cab", so I recorded a couple of riffs to test it, here's the whole video process with a little test mix in the...
  13. P-Keisari

    Anyone interested in re-amping? (brutal/tech death metal)

    Hi! I'm asking for a huge favor here. I've been mixing this one death metal album for so long that I don't even dare to tell. One reason it has been taking so long is the lack of equipment. I have re-amped these guitars four times already, but I can't get the sound I'm looking for. I have only...
  14. Wyldechyld

    Service: Affordable Mixing/Mastering/Reamping/Drum Programming

    Hey guys! I'm offering mixing, mastering, reamping, drum programming, and session guitar/bass recording. Here are my rates: - Mixing: $25-75/song - Mastering: $30/song - Reamping: $25/song - Drum Programming: $15/minute - Session guitar and bass prices vary based on material. Here's an...
  15. Father Daniel

    CLOSED. Free mixing/mastering of 1 song and reamping of 3 songs (DKS Studios)

  16. StudioJakubkaCzechia

    Reamping for free

    Hi, if you are interested in sound of real Friedman BE100, Friedman Dirty Shirley, Peavey 5150 or Marshall Super Bass 1992, do try our reamping service. Quality microphones and preamps on standby. We do it for free. PM us for details.
  17. EXOCED

    Peavey Piranha 6505 - Torpedo Cab

    Hi everyone, I'm glad to show you my first video with this new amp from peavey ! Received last week, I tested home studio to see he was in the belly! I think it sounds not bad at all for an amp of this price (199 € in Germany). This is the first time I made this video in-law that is fun to...
  18. maurizio

    Reamp Guitar Setup

    Hello to all of this beautiful forum, I wanted some advice to buy a good pickup and reamp box (I assume radial, but which one?) to be connected in the input of the sound card (fast track pro or scarlett) and then in the DAW. Thank you all in advance
  19. Nikolas Quemtri

    Pop/Metal song, Dead by April-ish kind of music

    Check out the song I mixed, reamped and mastered recently: Any critique and questions are appreciated. Thanks! :headbang:
  20. WarlockStudios

    FS: Professional Editing Services

    This is mainly aimed at other engineers who want to sub out their editing work to another professional but of-course my services are open to anyone who's interested. I've clocked up a lot of time gridding metal drums in particular so if you've got a few sessions of daunting drums that you want a...