Hi guys! My name is George Shchelbanin, I'm offering remote mixing, mastering, reamping and editing services for all kinds of rock and metal bands and musicians. Current rate is $200 per song (including reamping). PM me here or at the links below.

Reamping equipment at the moment:
Heads: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 2ch, Engl Powerball II, VHT Pittbull Ultra-Lead
Cabinets: Mesa Boogie 2x12 (Eminence Governor/CV-75), Engl 2x12 (UK Celestion Mesa V30), Samp Custom 2x12 (Celestion Creamback H75/Alnico Cream)

Some examples of my mixed & mastered stuff at the moment:

Please feel free to ask any questions also via my e-mail nammtharicon@yahoo.com
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