Service: Affordable Mixing/Mastering/Reamping/Drum Programming


Jordan Guthrie
Jan 22, 2011
Oklahoma, US
Hey guys! I'm offering mixing, mastering, reamping, drum programming, and session guitar/bass recording.

Here are my rates:
- Mixing: $25-75/song
- Mastering: $30/song
- Reamping: $25/song
- Drum Programming: $15/minute
- Session guitar and bass prices vary based on material.

Here's an example of my work:

Guitars are reamped through a EVH 5153 into the EVH 412 cab, miced with an SM58.

I also have a few impulses that I made that can be purchased on my website. All of the following examples were with free amp sims.

If you'd like to work with me, contact me here (PM) or using the contact page on my website,

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