New Metal Member
Nov 11, 2020
Lüttich - Belgien
Hello fellows metalheads ! :headbang:

Hope everybody's alright despite the ******* times we're living in.

I've just signed in.
My name's Yan, drummer co-writer in a melodic black metal band called Sercati.

Sure, I'm here to present you the project... and to know more about other bands ! I'm not the guy who wants people to like his stuff but never cares about what they do.
I'll be glad to discover.
I'm also interested in places to play next to Belgium (I can't go too far from my beers...:kickass:).

Don't know if it's the right place to introduce the project I'm in. So i'm just gonna say, it's a trans-media project : albums from different bands (same members... different music), movie, book, comics... and very soon a roleplay game (the crowdfunding has just finished somes days ago).

Feel free to have a listen :

Hope to spend some cool time with all of you