1. A

    Dissection Martyrium - new song from my Death Metal project

    Hey guys, my friend and I have a little metal project called 'Gorequisitor' and we would like to share our stuff and get some outside feedback. We are not very skilled musicians and we only make recordings and never perform live, but we like to make amateur music and lyric videos for fun. We...
  2. AlexRiviere86

    FENRIR RISING - Sirio (Single 2022)

    Hope you like it! ImI cheers! ImI
  3. AlexRiviere86

    FENRIR RISING - La Llegada De El Hombre Gris (Melodic Power Metal)

    NEW SINGLE OUT !!! Listen Us On Spotify! Cheers Brothers! ImI
  4. AlexRiviere86

    FENRIR RISING - Arrastrando Cadenas (Heavy/Power Metal)

  5. Hole of Sin

    Hole of Sin - Paroxysm of Hubris

    Hey guys! We are young metal band from Czech Republic called Hole of Sin. Our band just released new Ep called Paroxysm of Hubris, so I thought that we could share our music with some foreign listeners. Link to EP: Youtube: We are on spotify too! So please let us know how you like our music...
  6. AlexRiviere86

    Fenrir Rising - Fuego En Mi Interior (Heavy/Power Metal)

    I wanted to share with you our first single, a melodic power metal project called Fenrir Rising Jorge Brelis: Vocals Alex Riviere: Guitars , Keyboards and Programming Hope you like it! ImI
  7. DargorMK

    Dargor - "Descent Into Chaos" EP 2021 (melodic black metal from Poland)

    Hello everyone, "Dargor" is the melodic black metal project founded in Krosno, Poland. It's mostly inspired by bands like Samael, Ajattara, Dimmu Borgir and Summoning but you can find also other musical influences here. We've just released the three new songs in the single video. Check them...
  8. Belet Seri

    Debut album "Prophecy" from Belet Seri (symphonic metal)

    Symphonic / melodic / experimental metal from Michigan
  9. D

    Malaysian Melodic Death Metal releases new single "Servants Of Alamin"

    Servants Of Alamin, Second single taken from the upcoming album "Withering". Other new releases; World Of Nifaq Music Videos; Mahsyar (2015), The V Sense (2018), Uphold Thy Rule (2018), Day of Reckoning (2018), Social Media; Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Stream; Bandcamp | Spotify
  10. tositwim

    Full dimension metal

    Hello fellows metalheads ! :headbang: Hope everybody's alright despite the ******* times we're living in. I've just signed in. My name's Yan, drummer co-writer in a melodic black metal band called Sercati. Sure, I'm here to present you the project... and to know more about other bands ! I'm...
  11. C

    Cerberus - Midnight Fade tapes

    Hello, my name is Cerberus, I’m a one man band and I made two Heavy Metal EPs I call the Midnight Fade tapes that will wreck the whole scene! Listen for yourself! I wrote, played, and sang everything, and had a guitarist named Shwizz play the solos above all my playing in sections. 1st EP-...
  12. ESA1996

    Chronicler (Melodic / Symphonic Death Metal)

    Hi, we are Chronicler, a two man melodeath / symphonic death metal band from Finland. We have been compared to Wintersun, Aether Realm, and even called an "Eternal Tears of Sorrow clone", which we find quite funny as neither of us actively listens to EtoS (We are honored by the comparisons to...
  13. Samee Ahmed

    My New EP: I, Retribution

    Hey everyone! It has been two months since I've released it, but I have an EP out called I, Retribution! I would have posted about it sooner but life got in the way haha. The EP features five instrumental tracks: I Retribution Will Eradicate The Worthless (feat. Peter Vaughn from True The...
  14. TheRealSam

    Sam D. Hyde - solo harcore/melodic/bipolar metal project

    Hello people! I used to be an active member of this forum but have been off grid for quite some time. But this year's different. I decided to release everything I have been working on during the past years for free, one song a day until I run out of material. Everything is as it is, no more...
  15. Samee Ahmed

    [ORIGINAL SONG] Samee Ahmed - 'For Serenity' (Melodic Metalcore)

    Hey everyone! I am excited to announce that my new song 'For Serenity' is out now! For Serenity is a melodic metalcore instrumental that I wrote that was intended to capture the feelings of self-hatred, self-pity, suicidal thoughts and depression that I've had recently as my girlfriend, who I...
  16. N

    OMNISPAWN Release New Song, "Phoenix"

    The swedish death metal band Omnispawn is back again - this time with a fight song of their own, called Phoenix. After eight years of silence Omnispawn came back in February with the statement "Omnispawn will be back 2017", followed by the release of Embers a few months later. But the releases...
  17. H

    New Solo Project (Instrumental Prog/Djent)

    Hey guys, I'm releasing a new album soon under my solo project! Check out my new play through, and let me know what you think! And if you're interested, you can check out my older work at
  18. T

    My own first Single [The Corruption of Men's True Power]

    Hello dear metalheads of the world! My name is Thales Krüger, i'm a guitarist, composer and musician from Brazil, and i just released my first single ever! I'd like to present to you "The Corruption of Men's True Power" by me, Thales Krüger, hope you like it! The style is Instrumental Metal...
  19. DImaSimon

    Dima Simon - "With You"

    This is a guitar playthrough that i have made for one of my instrumental songs "With You". The song has been fully composed and produced by me. I hope you will enjoy it! :) In case if you like it then you can stream and download it for free from the following links...
  20. M

    Bloodlust from Madrid (Melodic Death)

    Hi everyone this is my band, Bloodlust, and this is our first single, Murder Crow