Full Opeth/katatonia European Tour Dates..

wow, that's quite a tour. even though i've seen them not once, not twice, but THREE times in a little over a year, I'm still jealous to the point of having a knot in my stomach. hmmm, maybe i'll pay my aunt near london a little visit on Dec. 4. :)
YES! im getting tickets on saturday and putting them in a safe deposit box, i will be there bowing down to Katatonia in honour of their brilliance. i feel sick with waiting and my mouth waters as we speak. (btw, did i mention i am extremely happy, now i know what drugs feel like;) )
This is awesome. I can only pray that this tour will come to U.S. Anyone think that Katatonia will play some Brave Murder Day material with Mikael singing? That would rule.

SHIT!!!!!!!!! you scare me, after waking up this morning and after bowing down to my opeth poster i cut out of, brace yourself, Kerrang :loco: , i thought to myself how everyone at the katatonia concert wanted brave and now it might be played:D , hope so, also i hope they dont play the same set, although that would be great anyway:D
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And of course there are no swedish dates.

Yeah, I feel your pain mate. No Finnish dates either.

Damn! We should close the borders and thus force the Scandinavian bands tour only in Scandinavia! :mad:
And of course there are no swedish dates.

hmn, so your saying you'd rather wait 5 years for only their second show in London ever rather than have them in your home country a hell of a lot more. in England the only thing that comes close to a Dynamo or a Wacken festival for example is the ozzfest:cry: need i say more? so you should count yourself lucky although im glad your jealous:D having said all that, i know theres places like russia where no bands go:cry: , so i shouldnt complain either, we are just as bad lol.

btw, i hear God Forbid are playing too? is that confermed?, i saw them about 6 months ago at a hardcore all dayer and they were brilliant. if they do play shout out for the song called WICKED, very good. although the lead singers talking (not singing) voice reminded me of a boy in school i didnt really like, he he
Okay I think I am going to visit my friend in Groningen on November 9th!
Thanks for the tip!
I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to plant a car-bomb in opeth's and katatonia's tourbuses, for not playing even ONCE in sweden....hmpf

They could've played ONCE in Stockholm... of course the tickets would've sold in NO-TIME...


first I thought, cool, they're finally touring
in Europe...now I'll get the chance to see something more than those 40 minutes they played
at Wacken....but obviously not :cry:
Wish I had the money to jump on a jet, fly to Euorpe, and watch Opeth and KAtonia play live. But I am only 15 years old thus making hard to get that kind of money. So I was wondering if anyone could help me out and tell me where I can find out about an American Tour. That would be the most kickass thing in the world. What would make it even better if they went on tour with Cradle Of Filth. My two favorite bands! SO does anyone know anything? IT would be nice if Opeth's website was more than this message board.
Thanks heaps forlorn soul, for finally confirming the movements of Opeth in the coming months. "There's also plans to bring Opeth over to both Australia and Japan during November of this year." opeth.com errr There goes that plan! hehehe :cry: 'in sadness I lumber'... ha ha With luck maybe after a rest in January Opeth will make their way down here for a Summer tour? ;)