Godhead – Evolver


Jul 15, 2001
The starry attic
Godhead – Evolver
Reality Entertainment (Reissue) – 6th February 2006
By Russell Garwood


Having completely failed to follow anything Godhead have done since 2000 Years Of Human Error, it came as a surprise to find the follow-up album arriving in my mailbox almost six years later. A lot has changed it that time – UM has grown somewhat, I discovered that Cinnamon Grahams are, in fact, the greatest cereal of all time, and it has become abundantly clear that whatever happens, your workload doubles every three years. No such revelations, however, seem to have affected these industrial rockers. The large gap between albums is explained by the fact this is a reissue; slightly soon, perhaps, only two years after the CD’s initial release, but never mind. I have always found the band’s brand of extremely catchy, derivative yet well-crafted, accessible yet rarely boring industrial rock/metal entertaining. Nothing has changed between their major label debut and follow-up. The songs here are still toe-tappingly paced, with melodic, instantly memorable guitars, and more hooks in the vocals than there are in the opening scene of Helraiser. The band have clearly strived for an even more radio-friendly sound, adding the obligatory ballad, and a few more goth elements than there were previously. The obligatory angsty lyrics and artwork are fun as ever.

So, really, there are no surprises here, other than the fact that some people actually still sport undercuts. If you like accessible, pop-industrial-rock, then you’re not going to do much better than this. The band have perfected their formula, and stick to it. If you want your music heavy, innovative, daring or any else along these lines, however, Godhead are one to avoid.

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