Angry Metal Guy
Apr 18, 2001
Uppsala, Sweden
Hey all! How's it going?

I'm new. I'm going to be posting here, hopefully that doesn't bother you TOO much.

I've noticed that you guys are pretty good with the "constructive criticism" stuff with WoW, so I was wondering if you'd go listen to Dumah and tell me what you think. is the site addy. Give me some constructive critisism(sp?), the more you listen to, the better you'll be able to tell me what you think. We've 3 mp3s up, and we're going to be posting 3 more full length. We're going to be going into the studio to record a full length at the end of the summer!

Thanks for the replies, I like this name. I actually got it from using AOL, right after the album came out, a friend of mine had already snagged blackwater park (and then proceeded to quit using it, that bastard), and so I used my favourite song on the album.

Please, anyone who wants to critique our music, do. We're always open for reviews. Anyone who wants the demo let me know as well, we produce 'em on demand right now.
Originally posted by warsofwinter
what exactly do you meen by constructive criticism ?

The way in which one takes something and talks about the positives and negatives. For example: you tell someone that you really like their ideas with the riffing, but the production is off; or maybe that you think there should be more done with the vocals in a certain part, etc.

It's a way of saying what you like and dislike about something, in a decent, productive manner.

That's how I view it anyway.