Happy leap day

Haha. Thanks for the save. February almost didn't exist!

Personally, I can't wait for it (the 29th, and Feb in general) to end. I just moved into a new place, and turn in the keys to the old place tomorrow. Good ridance to it.

Now I just have to unpack and get everything situated, set up my guitar with my computer, and hopefully find some time to start writing new shit.

At least it's on a Friday. That's a plus.
Has it really been a whole month with no new posts? Wow, I hadn't realized.

You know, I swing by here every other day or so to see if there's any new topics. And with all the quiet we've been having, I'd begun to suspect that Shadow Demon just wasn't getting the attention it so greatly deserves.

But then logic interceded. Great bands attract numerous worshipful fans with unhinged minds and scary MySpace pages. And Shadow Demon, according to all known laws of physics and temporal mechanics, is indeed a great band. Therefor it must have numerous worshipful fans, and for some unknown reason, few of their posts are showing up on the forums.

That's when a single name thrust darkly into my mind.

Bette Midler... yes, you heard me correctly. The so-called "Divine Miss M."

Some experts claim that she's spending her golden years as a headliner at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. But is this indeed true, or just... propaganda!

People who are truly "In The Know" are aware that Bette Midler made her first attempt at a form of world-wide, demoralizing mass hypnosis with the release of her 1989 smash-hit single "The Wind Beneath My Wings." To this very day, few men can hear this song playing on the radio without experiencing the sudden urge to club themselves senseless with any nearby implement. Coincidence? I think not.

It is my highly educated opinion that the figure seen performing at Caesar's Palace is in fact a frighteningly advanced animatronic dummy with a loud speaker lodged in it's throat. And that the real Bette Midler spends her time crouched menacingly before a computer screen, trolling the forums of promising young bands in the metal scene, and deleting the posts of their fans with the use of hyper-advanced deletion technology that only her exorbitant fortune could afford.

Her purpose? The total annihilation of all things kick-ass. Sinister, indeed. For it is only in the total absence of good music, that the mangled, syrup-ridden ballads she belches forth can possibly be viewed as acceptable entertainment. Yes, my friends. She seeks to figuratively flatten the world, so that the meager stature of her talent seems tall when compared.

Indeed, it is only by the sheer intensity and metal-headed devotion that posts by individuals like myself and tbhride manage to get past her insidious web of topic deletion protocals.

We... must... persevere! The very metal-ness of the world depends on it!
Interesting analysis. That is certainly a frightening scenario if it's true.

At any rate, I think people are at least reading the forums because the number of views always seem pretty high compared to the number of posts. I have tried quite a few times to direct traffic here and watch the number of views go up during those times, but still people do not post here. I would guess many have not even registered.

There are several forums that I view myself that I rarely or never post at, so it is understandable.
There are several forums that I view myself that I rarely or never post at, so it is understandable.
Like TMS? That place sure has gone to shit thanks to Dallas *rolls eyes*

Oh, by the way guys, we haven't made an announcement yet but (well this can be unofficial haha) we got a new drummer, so we'll be playing a few shows in about a month. We should get to work on setting up some more stuff... the Lakepointe was a chill place. maybe something there?

I'll get in touch with you Jeff because this probably isn't the best place to discuss such things :lol:

Totally! Skelator rocks!

Haha, thanks man. I'm just glad to see you guys playing shows again. James said the show the other night with SUAS went really well and was way better than when we played together (i think mostly because he wasn't sick and probably less nervous) so that makes me suuuuper excited to check this out again.

By the way, can you guys let me know if any of those bands you play with in Spokane are awesome and what the venue is like? I'm sure we'll want to get over there soon but i have no idea what the scene is like over there, or if there are even really metal bands :lol:
From what I have heard the bands aren't really metal. I mean they are "heavy rock" I suppose, which is fine. It was suggested that we might bring another Seattle band or two with us, but I do not like signing up other bands for something that might not pan out to be worth the time/travel/money to them. So we will see how this goes and possibly return with another band or two next time.