Happy New Year!

Aug 28, 2007
Dear All,

With this new year begining, we wanted to let you know that 2007 has been an amazing year for us! We released our new album "The Water Fields", which received a warm welcome, and we met many fans in the countries we visited. Anywhere from our European Tour in October/November/December, there are just too many memories to write them all in one message. 2008 will see some new shows (Wave Gotik Treffen, Hellfest & various gigs accross Europe), but also the arrival of our new drummer!
We want to wish all of you an amazing New Year and hopefully we will see you all soon!

Best wishes,
The Old Dead Tree & Crew
Happy New Year!
And Im gonna go ahead and welcome the band to the UM-forums, although a little late, dont know how I could have overlooked this forum for so long. Nice to see you guys here.