It kicks proficient amounts of ass, I must say. I was unfortunately unable to purchase the album immediately upon it's release, but was able to procure a few tracks to keep myself sustained via other methods *ahem*. I was startlingly ecstatic to finally get the lyrics when I finally did buy the CD - I had wanted to sing along to that song for so long...
Harvest is definitely a wonderfull song, but nevertheless i prefer an old song from mayh - credence! This song is so great, actually the one I'm mostly listening to, because it's so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My 2nd fav. song on the album next to Bleak.....i LOVE The clean lyrics and acoustic guitar. Harvest is just a song that you can listen to over and over again without getting annoyed....another opeth prodigy to add to the eternal list!
Although it is probably my least favorite on the album, I still like it! I love the chorus at the end when they have backup vocals, and I like how it is a great transition from the power of Bleak and The Leper Affinity.

Does anyone else here think that Bleak just hands down fucking rules ??? :D

P.S - I fell asleep listening to Harvest, and woke up to The Drapery Falls, boy did that ever freek me out!:eek:
harvest kills, but i am listening to credence right now, because i can actually play that song, i still cant figure how to play harvest, i need to get powertab.
There's one pretty good tab at http://metaltabs.com/tab/555/

It's also one of my favourite Opeth songs, directly followed by The Drapery Falls, which was the first song I ever heard of the Blackwater Park album and it completely smashed my brains out.
Especially the heavier part of the song, when all hope fails and Mike screams all his anger and agony out "YOU TURRRRRN YOUR BAAACK AND YOU WAAAALK AAAAWAAAAYYY - NEVER AGAAAAAAAAIN!!!!!" :D.

Pretty close to that is the second song of the Still Life album, Godhead's Lament.
It also got these beautiful acoustic fills and some heavy doom-stuff.
I'm 36 and I love Opeth. My friend thinks I'm trying to "cling on to my youth" by listening to metal (and because I date younger girls...but that's another story).

We're at a Padre game the other day and I have on a Opeth shirt (the one that says Established 1990 on the bottom of the back) and a kid at the concession stand goes, "dude, is that Opeth?!" My first Opeth fan sighting! So, I rap with the kid for a little bit about the gigs, etc. As we're leaving, my friend says, "See dude, that's how old people are that listen to that shit."

So the next day, we're in my car and I fucking forward my BWP CD to "Harvest". I don't say anything. My friend's like, "this is pretty cool...who is it?"

"Its that metal band you were teasing me about dickhead", I say, "you know, some people would say that listening to the same shit you listened to in high school is 'clinging to your youth'...How many times can you listen to your Mr. Big albums?"
dude peth kicks ass irrelivent of age, I hate people who think music has to have an age limit I mean but everyone thinks that when you turn 30 or 40 you should put away the metal and go buy some burt bacharach, by the way I love harvest, its the song that got me out of shredding(thank god) the song is really weird thugh, its note really in a major or a minor key, I really don't know why that works, and don't get me started on the solo, I dunno what the hell is going on there
risquit: you must be the only dude on here thats older than me. well done......Mr. Big! heh!!! funny how billy sheehan and paul whatshisface were in that band.

grey and pink: what are you talking about? youre only 21. how can you date younger girls? jus kiddin man.

psychomantis: that is mikes best vocal performance. ive been listening to it all week. i dont understand how its physically possible for him to belt that out.