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Sep 4, 2001
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I was going through some old cassettes and videotapes of MTV's Headbanger's Ball and Hard N' Heavy video magazine and was wondering if anyone else remembers the following bands: (I'll probably catch hell, but here goes) *Note: these bands are from late 80's-early 90's and could be listed under the "Where Are They Now?" category.*
*L.S.D. (LIFE, SEX, AND DEATH)-kind of alt. metal in the vein of Saigon Kick meets Janes Addiction. Their lead singer was "Stanley" and supposedely he was an "idiot savant", or a person who had poor hygiene and borderline autistic, but was a great musician playing guitar, piano, harmonica and good songwriter.
*CIRCUS OF POWER-kind of like the Doors meets Sabbath meets early Guns N' Roses. They were from New York and put out 3 albums and Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains played on one of them and they toured with Alice In Chains.
*SEA HAGS-hard rock from L.A. during the Guns N' Roses/L.A. Guns explosion. I think one of their guitarist overdosed and one of the members was in Arcade with Stephen Pearcy(Ratt) and Fred Coury(Cinderella)
*THE NYMPHS-like Janes Addiction with a female singer. (Singer Inger Lorre dated the dude who O.D'd in the Sea Hags.)
*WAR BABIES-bluesy hard rock from seattle (not grunge) that I believe Paul Stanley co-wrote songs with.
*LILLIAN AXE-good songwriting and great guitarist Stevie Blaze. Could be considered like Dokken or "Hair Metal" but better and more viable, technical, and respectable. Robbin Crosby (Ratt) produced their first album.
*EVERY MOTHERS NIGHTMARE & PARIAH-hard rock from Tennessee.
*REVEREND-David Wayne of Metal Church sang for them and I believe it also consisted of former Heretic members.
*SHOOTING GALLERY-Andy McCoy of Hanoi Rocks' attempt to be another Hanoi Rocks.
*ANIMAL BAG-very talented band that could be as heavy as Slayer or mellow as slower Led Zeppelin. Could be lumped in the alt.metal category along with Jane's Addiction and Faith No More.
*MINDFUNK-This band consisted of former M.O.D. members and I think Reed St.Mark and Louis Svitek. Fusion of Metal & Funk and some acoustic stuff.
Some of these bands I like others I don't. I just thought I'd be nostalgic and like I said I'll probably catch Hell for evening mentioning some of these bands. Cheers
*MINDFUNK-This band consisted of former M.O.D. members and I think Reed St.Mark and Louis Svitek. Fusion of Metal & Funk and some acoustic stuff.

I have two of their discs but I don't listen to them much. I think I'll bring them to work tomorrow.

the thing about stanley is true

, the new cd for 2002 is like NILE...
I have not heard nile yet either..I dont tnink. I have all those samplers, and if i like a song, then i look to see who it is,if i dont like asong on the samplers, I dont even bother to look at the name
A lot of those bands were cool! I dug Circus of Power a lot... Sims of Pariah actually committed suicide some years ago, very sad. I saw Animal Bag when I was in college - nice guys and I got a drum stick too. :p EMN were totally cheesey, but my best friend was in love with them....
I remember hearing about Sims of Pariah dying, I didn't know it was suicide. EVERY MOTHER'S NIGHTMARE were like Skid Row, but EMN were far less talented than Sebastian Bach & Co. I liked Skid Row and have met Sebastian and he was very down to earth. I've heard some Nile and it was like Death Metal meets folk music and mid-eastern music. Another band to remember, TORA TORA, anyone remember them?
I actually can say (regretfully) that I saw Tora Tora live with Dangerous Toys and LA Guns back years ago when I was a youngin'. Christ! Hey, another guy bought the tickets and I bought the beer. Road trip deluxe.

Tora Tora had one hit called "Walkin' Shoes" and Dangerous Toys, if I remember, had the song "Teasin' Pleasin'" Wow...it's sick that I even remember that. LA Guns blows ... I've never like their stuff. terrible concert...btw.... :)
Tora Tora had 2 albums out (Surprise Attack and Wild America). Surprise Attack was good and had songs like Walkin' Shoes, Guilty, and Phantom Rider (I remember the videos for all these songs and I still have a Tora Tora "Surprise Attack" T-shirt.) I was a junior in High School when Tora Tora, Dangerous Toys, and L.A Guns came out (I'm 29). Yes, I'll admit I have Dangerous Toys first album, the song "Sportin' A Woody" is pure "cheesiness". As for L.A. Guns, I saw them with Slaughter a couple years back and L.A Guns had a David Lee Roth look alike singing for them. I went with my fiance because she is a pure "Hair Metal" fan (White Lion, Poison, Whitesnake, Slaughter, Poison, Cinderella, etc..) I met both bands and I told Tracci Guns I liked his guitar playing and that I only liked the first L.A. Guns album and his Killing Machine project and he said he respected my opinion. I told Steve Riley (drummer) that I remembered when he played with W.A.S.P. and he was down to earth. I never did like them, but I did get to meet Tim Kelly before he died. Oh, the bands I remember "back in the day". Please don't crucify me for knowing about these bands. Everyone has to start somewhere.
I remember all those bands!!!! I was a big fan of Lillian Axe ..they had some cool tunes. Mind Funk was cool then, but I can't stand them now. Now I feel old.
I also remember some of these bands....
Lillian Axe indeed were great and as far as I know there are plans to release a new record in the future. They're playing live more or less regularly in the States if I'm informed correctly.