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Jun 12, 2002
DEVIN TOWNSEND To Guest On New AYREON CD - Nov. 14, 2003

STRAPPING YOUNG LAD mastermind Devin Townsend has been confirmed as one of the guest performers on the new AYREON CD, "The Human Equation", tentatively due in May 2004 through an as-yet-undetermined label. As previously reported, other vocalists set to appear on the album include Mikael Åkerfeldt (OPETH), James LaBrie (DREAM THEATER) Devon Graves (a.k.a. Buddy Lackey, DEAD SOUL TRIBE, ex-PSYCHOTIC WALTZ), Magnus Ekwall (THE QUILL), Heather Findlay (MOSTLY AUTUMN), Eric Clayton (SAVIOUR MACHINE) and Mike Baker (SHADOW GALLERY).

In other news, Devin will be producing the new album from THE HEAVILS (Metal Blade Records) beginning on January 8 in Vancouver. He will also be producing the new CD from MISERY SIGNALS (Ferret Records) during February.

Also on the Townsend-related front, DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND have filmed a video for the song "Storm". "It is a combination of live performance and digital animation courtesy of Konrad Palkiewicz in Italy," according to the Hevy Devy newsletter. "It was assembled and edited by the same people who did the video for SYL's 'Relentless' and looks awesome given that the budget was limited. Devin loves the animation but stands firm on his extreme dislike of making videos and of seeing himself in that format."

Devin has also been working on a couple of new items. Fans have expressed a lot of interest in a guitar tablature that has been previously unavailable (at least not accurately). Devin has purchased a program that allows him to play the songs into it, and the music is then translated into tab so the process has become far less time-consuming. Hevy Devy will be making these available in book form, album by album, beginning with OCEAN MACHINE. The book will also include the story surrounding each record and photos from that time period. There is no set release schedule for these books as they will be finished when Devin has time available.

The second item came about from Hevy Devy's recent renovations during which Devin found a box of old DAT tapes. He has been working on an "Ass-Sordid Demos II" that will contain just about every little thing he has done, primarily the very early days — including bits from back in high school. He is also looking to include a couple of remixes from PHYSICIST — how he had intended it to sound. The full content has not been confirmed yet but these are what is intended at this time. Both products are expected to be available by web site/mail order only by mid-November. They will not be available in stores at any time.

Also, the video game soundtrack for Interplay Entertainment is now finished. The full name of the game is "Fallout: Brotherhood Of Steel". Please check www.interplay.com for details.

And finally. STRAPPING YOUNG LAD have almost finished recording a track for the upcoming MELVINS tribute album. All that remains to be recorded are vocals.

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