Help!Where i can find Winds t-shirt?


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Jun 18, 2013
Hi! I really don't know if is the right place to ask this question, but to try it will not kill me! To tell the truth i have listened to Winds since one year ago(so, not so much time!), but i really love the music and the lyrics...some weeks ago I tried to find a t-shirt of them on the internet, but, it seems that no one online shop has it!!!,there's a place in which I can still find their merchandise(in this case...a t-shirt)?
Hi, and thanks for the interest! For each album release we did print a very limited number of t-shirts that were sold exclusively through

As you mentioned, I guess you found out that they are sold out of all of them since a long time ago. They sold quite quickly after each release.

But you could always contact The Omega Order and ask if maybe they have some left in a box somewhere, or maybe they can even print more if there is enough people asking for them.

They have also once in a while been known to be on E-Bay, such as here:

(Just so you know, I have no idea who this is or if it's a real version or not, but it does claim to be new/unused at least) and he wants $40 for it.

I think we were originally selling them for between $20-25 on the webshop before it sold out.

Good luck!